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Rapid environmental, social, and economic change is sweeping across the Arctic, touching almost every aspect of life in northern communities. To meet the challenges this is bringing, and plan for a future in which communities are healthy and vibrant, northerners need access to the best knowledge that research can provide.

POLAR is launching a series of webinars featuring researchers and Indigenous knowledge holders. They share information on some of the environmental issues that northern communities are most concerned about—including caribou abundance, arctic char populations, whales and marine ecosystem biodiversity, climate change research, and changes in snow, ice, and precipitation.

The webinars are based on POLAR's Collaborative Assessment Project, a series of short, readable papers that over 60 Canadian experts—including natural and social scientists and Indigenous knowledge holders—worked together to produce. These papers summarize published research and monitoring results, highlight regional trends, and identify areas that need more research. They address some critical questions northerners identified at POLAR's Regional Planning and Knowledge Sharing Workshop in 2020.

The webinars and short papers will be widely available in the North—a source of reliable evidence to help northerners meet today's challenges and prepare for others that the future may bring.

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