Tingmiat Aniagutikaktut Kanatami

Makpigaat pikaktut ihuakhakhimayut May, 2023

Aniakpialigutainik Tingmia (HPAI) naniyauhimaliktut tingmiat Kanatami, ilauyut nuutitikataktunik Ukiuktaktumut. Opingaami ovalo Ukiakhami nuutitikataktut, ikpinaktut Ukiuktaktumiut nalungiutik ihumagiyainut ovalo ihumagilugit tahapkoa tingmiat pikagunakhiyut HPAImik.

  • Transcript

    Panik: Two more Dad! I think we have enough I got twenty eggs, so I think we have enough for Mom and Grandma and Auntie Sue.

    Father: Great work Panik, and we have goose for supper tonight. Let's head back to the boat, it's almost high tide.

    Panik: Hey Dad, my teacher says birds can get sick. Is that true?

    Father: Yes, birds can get sick Panik. We have seen sick birds on the land, and we do not hunt them.

    Panik: Mrs. Barton talked to us about bird flu, and she said that sometimes people can get it. She also said that when bird flu is around many birds can get sick all at once.

    Father: That may be, I'm not sure about that. Uncle Peter said he saw a few geese down the bay that looked sick. Tell you what, let's drop in on Pauloosie at the wildlife office, and ask him.

    [Panik and her father make their way to the wildlife office.]

    Uncle Peter: Yes, scientists call it 'avian influenza'. We haven't seen it much here but its probably present in some birds, though not all birds that have it look sick.

    Panik: How do we know which ones might be sick?

    Uncle Peter: You may find dead birds on the land or birds that act sick and, obviously, we don't want to harvest those. Sick birds might look nervous, lazy, uncoordinated, they might tremble or show swelling around the head, neck, and eyes, and they can even cough or sneeze.

    Panik: Birds can sneeze?

    Uncle Peter: Yes! If you see any of these behaviors in a bird, leave the bird and let me know where you've seen it. Also, be sure to let me know right away if you find dead birds. The sooner I know this the better it is, this way I can get samples and we will know for sure if the avian influenza is the cause.

    Father: You said some birds can have the sickness but have no symptoms? That means we might harvest a sick bird and not know it.

    Uncle Peter: That could be, and even though the chance of us catching avian influenza from sick birds is low, there are a few things we can do to be extra to safe. Firstly, we don't handle or eat birds that look sick or, have died from unknown causes.

    [On screen] This applies to all wildlife!

    For all birds you do catch, wear gloves. When preparing them and handling their eggs and try to work on them outdoors. When handling birds, avoid touching your face and do not eat drink or smoke while handling birds or eggs.

    Separate clean and dirty eggs during collection. Do not collect cracked or overly dirty eggs. Rub dirt and debris off eggs with a dry cloth or paper towel. Do not wash or soak eggs in water. Washing can allow germs to enter the egg.

    Wash your hands with warm soapy water immediately, after handling birds or eggs.

    [On screen] Or use hand sanitizer or wipe with at least 60% alcohol.

    Wash and disinfect equipment and surfaces that touch the egg or birds. Change and wash clothing and footwear that may be contaminated with blood, feces, or mucous, and when you move between separate bird colonies make sure to brush soil and vegetation off your boots and clothing.

    This way we can also avoid spreading avian influenza on the land.

    Father: That makes sense. So, you're saying if we catch a sick bird even if it looks normal and healthy, we can still eat it?

    Uncle Peter: It is safe to consume fully cooked birds and eggs. There should be no pink meat and meat juices should run clear and that's how you know you've fully cooked your meat.

    [On screen] Fully cooked meat pieces or eggs will have an internal temperature of 74 ° C (165 °F). Fully cooked whole birds will have an internal temperature of 82 ° C (180 ° F).

    You are safe, as long as you follow these precautions, and don't eat partially cooked meat, frozen meat, or raw eggs. They have found that freezing does not kill the virus.

    Panik: What about chicken eggs from the store?

    Uncle Peter: That's very different, store-bought chicken and eggs are well regulated and monitored for disease, our wild birds are different and it's much harder to control the spread of the disease among wild birds. Just like people getting colds and the flu in the community it can spread and be bad at times and then it can subside.

    Father: So as long as we are aware and follow the recommendations, we are all safe?

    Uncle Peter: That's it! It's really common sense here and awareness. Here, take this pamphlet, it's got all the information we talked about. You can always drop by here, or a wildlife office in any community to get the latest information on avian influenza.

    Panik: Thanks, I'm going to show this to Mrs. Barton, so my class knows all the facts about avian influenza and safe harvesting so we can all enjoy this healthy mamaqtuq country food.

    [On screen] If you become ill with influenza symptoms after handling wild birds, their eggs or other wildlife, contact your local health centre as soon as possible and inform them that you have been in contact with wildlife. For additional information, visit canada.ca/avian-flu-arctic.

Hamani Makpigaami

Hunauyut Tingmiat Aniagutait?

Tingmiat aniagutait aniagutauyut akhut nuutitihalaaktut ilanganut tingmiat nanihimayut munagiyauyut tingmiat ovalo nunamit tingmiat, ilauyut; mitiit, kanguit, kukyuit, nauyat, imitkutailat, hinaanit tingmiat, tatilgat ovalo kaalaat. Tingmiat aniagutait aktulaaktait nunamit ovalo munagiyauyut hugaat, ilaa tahapkononga umayukhiuyuktunut, tingmiakhiuyuktut ovaluniit nigiyuktut aniagutikaktunik tingmiat, tigiganiat, imuuyaat, akhat/nanuit ovalo natiit ovalo kingmiit ovalo cats hapka hugaavaluit aktuktaulaaktut aniagutinik tingmianit.

Nunamit tingmiat, ilaa imanit tingmiat pikalikpaktut aniagutainik. Aniagutikangitut inminik kihimi nuutititauhimayunit aalanut tingmianut ovalo munagiyauyut tingmiat. Tingmiat Aniagutikaktut ukalaaktut mikiyut ovaluniit amigaitut ilanganut aniaktilaagutainik munagiyauyunut tingmiat. Angiiyunik aniagutikalaaktut (HPAI) amigaihalagutainik kilamik ovalo akhut aniaktitilaaktait munagiyauyut tingmiat. Ilaani, tingmiat aniagutait aniaktitilaaktait Inuit.

Takulaaktait tingmiat aniagutikagunakhiuyut HPAInik ilauyut ikhitaaktunik; hayuktunik ovaluniit inminik munagitiangitut; niakuit pujuktut, nikhiit ovalo iingit; nuutitikalunagitut ovaluniit kalaktuk, anikhaktingitut ovaluniit kalakyuaktut; anauyaktut ovaluniit tukuhaktut. Tamamik tingmiat akktauhimayut aniaktunagitutit pilaaktut.

Amigaitunik tukuhimayunik tingmiat atauhimi nunaani ilaani atulaaktut aniagutikagunakhiyut tahapkonanik.

Hunauyut aniagutigilaaktait Inuit?

Nuutitilaaktait HPAI Inunut nunamit tingmiat ovalo aalanit hugaanit mikiyut.

Ihumagilugit, naunaiyautikaktut pitkuhimayait hugaakhiuktunut ovalo aalanik tingmianik munagikataktut mikhitilaaktait aniagutainik ovalo nutkaktilaaktait amigailigutainik nuutitigutait aniagutit:

  • Atuklutit pualunik,
  • Havaklugit anikhaaktilikaktunik havakviit,
  • Ualugit algatit humaktigutainik ovalo unakutinik imanut,
  • Halumaktilugit ovalo uaklugit hanalgutitit; ovalo
  • Ualugit ovaluniit aalanguktilugit aanugaatit.

Naamaktuk Inuit nigilaaktait tamaat igalugit imanik tingmiat ovalo maniit.

Hunauyut aniaktilaagutait aalanut hugaanut?

Aniagutit tingmianit ilaa ilaunginaktuugaluit tingmianut, aniaktilaaktait nunamit hugaat ovalo munagiyauyut hugaat, ilangit; tigiganiat, imuuyait, akhait/nanuit ovalo natiit ovalo kingmiit ovalo cats. Tahapkoa hugaat anialilaaktut nikikhakhiugumik ovaluniit nigugumik aniagutikaktunik tingmiat ovaluniit aktuktaugumik aniagutikaktunik avatiligiaganit.

Hugaakhiuktut ovalo nanigiaktiligiyiit munagitiaktukhat munagiligumik nunamit hugaanik, ilauyut hugaat aalanik nigiyuktut hugaanik ovalo tagiumit hugaat nigiyuktut tingmianik aniagutikaktunik ovaluniit aktuktaugumik avatiligiyainit.

Pikatagumik nutkaktigutainik munagiyauyut hugaat, ilauyut kingmiit ovalo cats, akhugumik ovaluniit nigugumik aniagutikaktunik ovaluniit tukuhimayunik tingmiat ovalo hugaat. Tuhagutikhait pilaaktut munagiyunik hugaanik nanilaaktut hamani: Avatiligiyiit ovalo Hilat Aalanguktiligiyiit Kanatami Kagitauyakut ovalo Kanatami Nikinik Kimilguuktiit Havakviit Kagitauyakut.

Hulilaakit naniguvit tukuhimayunik ovaluniit aniagutikaktunik tingmianik?

Takuguvit tingmianik aalangatut pikataktunik ovaluniit tukuhimayunik tingmianik, pitkuyutit tuhaktilugit nunani tuhaktilugit takuyatit Minguiktiligiyiit Havaktiinut nunani ovaluniit aaanut atanguyanut.

Inuit munagiyukhaungitut nunamit tingmiat nanihimayut tukuhimayunik ovaluniit tingmianit pikataktut aalangayutut. Aktuguvit nunamit tingmianik tukuhimayunik ovaluniit umayunik tingmiat aalanatut pikataktunik, atuklutit alagaanik ovaluniit atuklutit plastinik puunganik ovalo aktungilugit tingmiat aunginik ovalo anait. Uaklugit algatit akhut uagutinut ovalo unaktunik imanik ovaluniit halumaktigutainik atuklutit.

Tingmiat aniagutikaktut nanilaaktut aalanit hugaanit, ilangit; tigiganiat, imuuyait, akhait/nanuit ovalo natiit. Inuit munagiyukhaungitut nunamit hugaanik tukuhimayunik ovaluniit hugaanit pikataktut aallangayutut. Pitkuhimayugut tuhaktilugit takuyanik hugaanik ovaluniit aalangatut pitkukataktunik nunani Minguiktiligiyiit Havaktiit ovaluniit aalanut atanguyautit.

Hunat munagitjutikaktukhat tingmiakhiuguvit?

Ihumagiyauyut naamaktunik hugaakhiupaklutit, munagilugit ovalo nigilugit aniagutikangitut tingmiat.

Kihimi, hugaakhiuktut ovalo nanigiakhiuktut piyukhat munagitiaklutik munagiguvit nunamit tingmiat ovalo nunamit hugaat (takulugit ilangani ‘Hunat aniaktilaaktut aalanut hugaanut?’).

Munagiyaanganik aniaktitialigutit ovalo nutkaktilaagutainik nuutitigutainik tingmiat aniagutainik, ihumagilugit hapkoa pitkuhimayut:

  • Munagingilugit ovaluniit nigingilugit tingmiat ovaluniit aalat hugaat aniagutikagunakhiyut ovaluniit tukuhimayunik naluguvit.
  • Munagivugit ovaluniit halumaktiguvit nunamit tingmiat:
    • Atuklugit algaanik (ilaa, plastikaktunik ulapanik atuklutit).
    • Havaklutit anikhaaktiligiyinik igluani, hilami pilaaguvit ovaluniit atuklutit ivyagutinik munagigunik iluani iglunik ovaluniit anikhaaktilikangitumik. Ilangani pingitaaganik anikhaagutikhainik hiugauyat, pigaat ovalo mamakhautit.
    • Aktungilugit aungit, anait ovalo nigihimayainik. Aktungilugit kinait, iitit, kingat ovalo ukatit ovalo nigingilugit, imingilutit ovaluniit higaangilutit anialaagutikaktunik.
    • Nutakatit ovalo munagiyatit hugaat hanalgutinik ovalo munagiyanik aniagutikagunakhiyunik.
  • Nigipkangilugit munagiyanik hugaat, igahimaitunik uuyunik, iluaniit ovauniit igitanik ukpatainik.
  • Uaklugit algatit uagutinik ovalo unaktunik imanut kilamik munagiyanik ovaluniit halumaktigutainik hugaat ovaluniit tingmiat ovaluniit atuklutit algatinik halumaktigutikaktunik.
  • Halumaktitaaguvit, uaklugit ovalo atuklutit halumaktigutainik unaktunik imanut ovalo atuklutit halumaktigutainik atuklutit.
  • Kilamik unguvaklugit ovalo uaklugit ovaluniit aalanguktilugit aanugaatit ovalo kamiit munagiguvit aniagutikagunakhiyunik tingmiat aungitut, anait ovaluniit iluaniit.

Tamamik tahapkoa pilaaktut pitkuhimayut ukiuk tamaat kapitaulutik. Ukiuk tamaat aniagutit kapitjutait nutkaltilaamata kihimi keelinilaaktait Inuit aniagutigilaaktunik tamamik Inunut ovalo tingmianut talvanit. Aalatkiinik anigutit pipkailaaktut nutaanik aniagutinik aniaktitilaaktait aalat hugaat ovalo Inuit.

Anialiguvit aniagutainik tingmiat (ilaa; kalaliguvit, aniagutiliguvit) kulinik ublunik munagiyanik nunamit tingmiat ovaluniit aalanik hugaanik, takulugit nunai Aniaktiligiyiit Aniakvimi pilaaguvit ovalo tuhaktilugit munagiyimayutit nunamit tingmiat ovaluniit nunamit hugaat.

Hunat ihumagiyakhatit manikhiuguvit?

Ihumagilvuit aniktitailigiyiit munagitjutainik tingmiat maniit munagilutit ihumaalugiyainik hamani.

HPAI aniagutit nanilaaktut maniinit aniagutikaktunit tingmia.

Titigakangituugaluit Inuit aniagutikaktunik tingmianit aniagutainit munagihimayut ovaluniit nigihimayut maninik, pitkuhimayut imaaktut:

  • Atuklutit algaanik (Ilaa, plasinik ulapanik) munagiguvit maniit pilaguvit.
  • Pikataklutit ualugit algatit munagitinatit ovalo munagitaaguvit maniinik – atuklutit uagutinik halumaktigutikaktunik ovalo unaktunik imanut.
  • Aktungilugit kinatit, iit, kingatit ovalo ukatit ovalo nigingilutit, iminginlutit ovaluniit higaangilutit munagiguvit maniinik.
  • Aviktuklugit halumayut ovalo halumaitut maniit manikhiuguvit ovalo katitingilugit ahigukhimayut maniit ovalo halumaitunik maniit ananik.
  • Halumaktilugit maniit, unguvaklugit halumaitjutait panikhitialugit. Ualugit ovaluniit halumaktiguvit manii unaktunik imanut ilaani aktuktilaaktait maniit ilaani, ihumagilugit.
  • Uakpaklutit tamamik hanalgutitit atuklutit halumaktigutainik ovalo imanik ovalo halumaktiklugit tamamik hanalgutitit.

Anialiguvit tingmiat aniagutikaktunik (ilaa; kalaliguvit, anialiguvit) iluanik kuliit ubluinik munagitaatanik maniit, takuyaktuklutit Aniakvinut kilamik ovalo tuhaktilugit munagihimayutit nunamit tingmiat maniinik.

Kanuk igalaaktut ovaluniit paknaiyaklugit nunamit tingmiat uuyuit ovaluniit maniit?

Pitkuhimayut ihumagilugit aniaktitailigiyiit nigitjutainik tamaat igahimayunik tingmiat ovauniit maniit.

Mikhitigiaganik aktugutainik tingmiat aniagutainik ovalo aalanik, ikpinaktut maliklugit hapkoa pitkuhimayut:

  1. Igalugit nikiit ovalo maniit tamaat. Kikitiimut iligunik tukulaitut aniagutait


    • Igatialugit maniit unakukaktunik 74°C (165°F).
    • Nigingilugit maniit igahimaitunik ovauniit ilangit igakhimayunik.
    • Atungilutit igahimaitunik maniit nikinik igalaitunik, ovaluuniit munagiyauyunik igatiakhimaitunut.


    • Igatiakhimalutit nikiit ovalo ilunagit unakuktunik 74°C (165°F).
    • Igalugit tamaat tingmiat iluangitut 82°C (180°F).
    • Uyutit igatiakhimalugit tamaat.
  2. Maliklugit aniaktitailigiyiinik nikiit munagitjutainik hapkonatut:
    • Pihimalugit igahimaitut nikiit, iluangit ovalo maniit aviktukhimalutit aalanit nikiit aniaktiligilaigiaganik.
    • Uaklutit algatit piliktinatit ovalo pitaaguvit munagitjutainik igahimaitut nikiit, iluangit ovalo maniit.
    • Maniit halumaktiyukhat ovaluniit uaklugit unaktunik imanut.
    • Halumaktititialugit halumaihimayut hanalgutitit ovalo havakviit unaktunik imanut ovalo atuklutit halumaktigutainik ovalo unaktunik imanut.

Tukuhimayut tingmiat naniyauhimayut ovlao katitikhimayait nunakatinit tingmiat aniagutikaktunik tutkuktakhait kilamik aviktikhimalugit aalanit nikinik kikitiivinut (ilaa; nunamit nikiit ovalo maniit aalanit nunamit nikiit).

Kanuk munagitiaktukhat autlaaguvit tingmiat manikhiuvianik?

Tingmiat aniagutikaktut nuutitihalaaktut aalatkiinut tingmiat nuutitihaklutik halumaktunik ilanganut (tingmiat anait, halumaitjutait imanit) kitkanit manikhiukviit.

Autlaaguvit kitkanit Tingmiakatiligiyiit (nunamit ungahiktunut kitkanit nunat ovalo kikiktait):

  • Uaklugit maniit (halumaitunik, anait, nunauyait) aanugaanit ovalo ukapainik.
  • Aalanguktilugit algaatit ovalo/ovaluniit uaklugit algatit atuklutit halumaktigutainik manikhiukvinik.
  • Manikhiukviikuvit, aktukatakngilugit tagiuyait ovalo imakaktunik pilaaguvit.
  • Paknaiyauvit ovalo niginiaguvit nunami, pinahuaklutit ungahiktumi kikiktainik aalanit tingmianik ilangnaut.


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