FEDTalks – Beyond2020 in action

Fedtalks - Beyond 2020 in action


Over the past few months, the Public Service has adapted extraordinarily to serve Canadians in the fight against COVID-19.

But how did we get here and what does this mean for the future? Join us in this year’s virtual edition of FEDTalks: Beyond2020 in Action to learn more!

Hear from leaders across the Public Service as they share their stories and insights on how the Public Service is navigating the pandemic. From developing and delivering CERB, to COVID-19 digital health solutions, to rethinking procurement and IT, to the future of work and distributed GC, to supporting virtual learning … and much more! 

No registration required.

On November 24 – 26, 2020 from 1:00PM – 3:30PM (Eastern Time), tune in live and learn how Beyond2020 has come to life during this unprecedented time.


(Maxime Guenette talks to the camera)

Welcome to FEDTalks Beyond2020 in action

(Jennifer Thorne talks to the camera)

Welcome to FEDTalks Beyond2020 in action

(Ian Shugart talks to the camera)

We have had to do the impossible from time to time.

(Jacqueline Rigg talks to the camera)

How can we continue to better support inclusion in remote work?

(Daniel Quan-Watson talks to the camera)

We ended up doing some very new things

(Annie Kazadi raises a question with three panelists)

What would you have done differently?

(Lorraine Redekop talks to the camera)

We actually UX-tested all of that content before we launched it

(Hélène Laurendeau talks to the camera)

People who are young and creative can help us with this, but we also need experience to support

(Caroline Xavier talks to the camera)

How do we continue to build on those good habits?

(Hon. Omar Alghabra responds to a question from the moderator)

We need to make sure that the support is in place

(Manon Brassard talks to the camera)

That success is achieved through collaboration and that we must be held accountable on our collaboration

(Paul Glover talks to the camera)

They are truly heroes

(Anil Arora talks to the camera)

We continue to expand our collection of data

(Jacqueline Rigg talks to the camera)

How do we help dismantle the story of systemic racism?

(Daniel Quan-Watson talks to the camera)

One of the key questions to ask ourselves is what am I losing because of who I’ve not hired

(Robert Dick interacts with 2 other panelists and the moderator)

I don’t know if there was enough time to be scared

(Josh Frame talks to the camera)

We evolved that content over time

(Dylan Jones talks to the camera)

We have a moral obligation to challenge, support and develop every one of our staff

(Peter Littlefield talks to the camera)

Our employees were trained and equipped

(Vicky Eatrides talks to the camera)

How do we do better?

(Zabeen Hirji responds to a question from the audience)

Agility. Adaptability. Smart risk taking. Experimentation.

(Kim Macies talks to the camera)

Mindfulness, empathy

(Daniel Quan-Watson talks to the camera)

To look out for our colleagues and their well-being

(Paul Glover responds to a question from the moderator)

Start small and give people permission to fail in that small space

(Jennifer Thorne talks to the camera)

I’d like to thank the audience for taking the time to join us virtually


(FEDTalks – Beyond2020 in action)



  November 24 November 25 November 26
1:00 to 1:30 PM EST
Opening remarks
Ian Shugart
Privy Council Office
Looking Beyond2020: Lessons from COVID-19 and the future of the Public Service
The Honourable Omar Alghabra
Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister
(Public Service Renewal)
Looking Beyond 2020:  Lessons from Covid 19 and the future of leadership
Zabeen Hirji
Executive Advisor Future of Work, Deloitte, former CHRO RBC
Reflections from Zabeen Hirji on COVID-19 learnings
Break 1:30 to 1:40 PM EST Break Break Break
1:40 to 2:10 PM EST
COVID-19 economic measures: How the CRA became financial first responders
Annette Butikofer and Frank Vermaeten
Canada Revenue Agency
From statistics to insights: How Canada’s data strategy will help us fight COVID-19
Anil Arora
Statistics Canada
FYN & NMC: Answering the Call During COVID-19
Josh Frame - Federal Youth Network
Kimberley Macies - National Managers' Community
Break 2:10 to 2:20 PM EST Break Break Break
2:20 to 2:50 PM EST
How COVID-19 is influencing the future of our regional workforce
Manon Brassard – Chair, Québec Federal Council
Dylan Jones – National Chair, Regional Federal Councils
Robert Dick - Transport Canada
Responding to COVID-19: The Dragons Turned Out To Be Great
Daniel Quan-Watson
Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada
The Public Service is more flexible than superheroes
Paul Glover - Shared Services Canada
Bill Matthews - Public Services and Procurement Canada
Break 2:50 to 3:00 PM EST Break Break Break
3:00 to 3:30 PM EST
Providing financial assistance to Canadians during the pandemic
Cliff Groen, Peter Littlefield, Elisha Ram
Employment and Social Development Canada
How COVID Digital Health Tools are making a big difference for Canadians
Lucie Vignola
COVID-19 Taskforce, Health Canada
The Risks of the Status Quo
Peter Wallace
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Featured speakers

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Daniel Quan-Watson
Headshot of Annette Butikofer
Annette Butikofer
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Anil Arora
Headshot of Manon Brassard
Manon Brassard

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Bill Matthews
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Lucie Vignola
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Paul Glover
Headshot of Kimberley Macies
Kimberley Macies

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Ian Shugart
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Zabeen Hirji
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The Honourable
Omar Alghabra
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Peter Wallace

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