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Blueprint 2020 is a vision for a world-class Public Service equipped to serve Canada and Canadians now and into the future.

With around a quarter-million employees, the Public Service of Canada is the largest employer in the country. We work across more than a hundred departments and agencies, delivering important services to Canadians – from providing old age security and employment insurance benefits to protecting Canadian sovereignty to helping families save for higher education. We are responsible for regulating the safety of food and drugs, undertaking research and development to protect our shared environment, promoting Canada’s national interests around the world, and developing economic, trade and energy policies, among many other duties. We make a difference in the lives of Canadians every day. To ensure continued excellence in public service requires us to always ask how we can improve both our performance and our value to Canadians. The Blueprint 2020 initiative was devised to help us ask these questions, and to allow us to build tomorrow’s Public Service together.

Since June 2013, tens of thousands of public servants have shared their views on what it takes to ensure public service excellence. This input is redefining how we work and is making engagement part of our shared culture.

Clerk with armchair discussion panel re: 24th Annual reportClerk with armchair discussion panel re: 24th Annual report

By making a space to discuss our passion for public service and to act on our ideas for improvement, we are now well on our way to turning vision into reality. Building the Public Service of the future is a process that requires us all to commit to action, and to dedicate the time and effort necessary to see it through. We are all personally accountable for bringing about real change and realizing our ambitious goals.

For some examples of innovations that have arisen as a result of engaged employees working together to deliver results for Canadians, please check out the Clerk of the Privy Council’s latest Annual Report to the Prime Minister on the Public Service of Canada.

Blueprint 2020 principles

The Blueprint 2020 vision is guided by four principles, as outlined in the document Blueprint 2020: Getting Started – Getting Your Views, that help examine how work is done in the federal Public Service:

  • An open and networked environment that engages citizens and partners for the public good.
  • A whole-of-government approach that enhances service delivery and value for money.
  • A modern workplace that makes smart use of new technologies to improve networking, access to data and customer service.
  • A capable, confident and high-performing workforce that embraces new ways of working and mobilizes the diversity of talent to serve the country’s evolving needs.

Innovation Fair

A unique opportunity to showcase the Public Service’s own 150th anniversary and to highlight the results and outcomes we have achieved over the years for Canada and Canadians:

For more information

Read an account of the origins and first two years of the initiative in Blueprint 2020: Building Tomorrow’s Public Service Together or contact the Public Service Renewal Secretariat at: renewal@pco-bcp.gc.ca.

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