Public Service Renewal: Beyond2020

Beyond 2020 - Equipped Beyond 2020 - Agile Beyond 2020 - Inclusive

In 2013, we launched Blueprint 2020, which has led to a growing spirit of innovation and collaboration across the Public Service. At the same time, we have heard that maintaining our position as an internationally recognized leading public service means driving deeper change in how we work.

Recently, engagement with public servants across the country took place to refine the ongoing journey of public service renewal. This culminated in Beyond2020, a refreshed framework with a focus on mindsets and behaviours.

In a time that is increasingly characterized by data, digital, new workplace designs, flatter work cultures, and multiple generations working together, it is critical to examine and adopt the mindsets and behaviours that will meet the changing expectations of Canadians. The desired outcome is a Public Service that is more agile, more inclusive, and better equipped.

Areas of focus for Beyond2020:

  • Agile
    • A-1: Mobilize resources and people to key priorities
    • A-2: Empower our workforce
    • A-3: Embrace uncertainty and learn through experimentation
  • Inclusive
    • I-1: Create an environment where individuals are safe to express themselves
    • I-2: Expand partnerships and remove barriers to collaborate
    • I-3: Co-create by bringing different perspectives to the table
  • Equipped
    • E-1: Design work environments to optimize performance
    • E-2: Make learning a fundamental part of your job
    • E-3: Explore technology and tools to help you be more effective in your role

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