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About the Orders in Council Division

The Orders in Council Division provides advice and support to the Clerk of the Privy Council on a range of activities relating to the use and management of Orders in Council (OICs), Regulations and other Statutory Instruments.

The Division organizes swearing-in ceremonies for Ministers, members of the Privy Council and chief justices of the Supreme and Federal Courts. The OIC Division provides secretariat support to the Cabinet regarding Governor in Council (GIC) appointments, including those of Deputy Ministers, Heads of Agencies, Crown Corporation Chief Executive Officers and Directors, Ambassadors, and members of quasi-judicial review boards and tribunals. The Division also provides secretariat support to the Treasury Board members in their Governor in Council role regarding OICs and Regulations.

As such, the OIC Division:

  • receives GIC submissions from Ministers;
  • distributes a weekly agenda and supporting material to TB members;
  • prepares OICs and sends them to the Governor General for signature following Cabinet or Treasury Board members’ approval;
  • performs the Clerk’s responsibilities under the Statutory Instruments Act regarding the registration of certain OICs and their publication in the Canada Gazette;
  • distributes certified true copies to sponsoring Ministers;
  • posts approved OICs on the web on the third working day following approval by the Governor General (or earlier in exceptional circumstances if requested by the responsible Minister);
  • maintains the official GIC files and Oath Books; and
  • responds to public enquiries.
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The Orders in Council online database makes it easy for you to search for Orders in Council (OICs) made from 1990 to the present. The Orders in Council Division provides certified to be true copies of OICs to the responsible Minister and Deputy Minister or agency head as soon as possible following their approval. For transparency, OICs are publicly available on the third working day after approval by the Governor General, but in exceptional circumstances, OICs may be posted on the web prior to the third working day if requested by the responsible Minister. Of note, certain Acts (namely the Statutory Instruments Act, the Access to Information Act, the Privacy Act and the Investment Canada Act) contain provisions which prohibit the release of OICs pertaining to national security or military operations or those containing personal or commercially-sensitive information.

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The Orders in Council available through this website are not to be considered official versions, and are provided only for information purposes. If you wish to obtain an official version, please contact the Orders in Council Division.

How to Obtain Certified Copies

Historical Orders in Council made between 1867 and 1924 can be found on the Orders in Council Research Tool (Library and Archives Canada)


List of statutory instruments and other documents for publication in the Canada Gazette, Part II

(section 12 of the Statutory Instruments Act and section 14 of the Statutory Instruments Regulations)

(Last modified on June 14, 2022)

Access to Information Act

  • Heads of Government Institutions Designation Orders

Appropriation Acts

  • Diplomatic, Consular and International Organizations' Property Grants Orders
  • Eskimo Economic Development Guarantee Orders
  • Exported Dairy Products Assistance Payments Orders
  • Indian Economic Development Guarantee Orders

Broadcasting Act

  • Broadcasting Licences Orders (section 28)

Canada Elections Act

  • Orders Designating Judges of Her Majesty's Court of King's Bench to exercise all the functions and powers of a judge under the Act
  • Special Voting Rules General Elections Fees Tariff (see Referendum Act)
  • Special Voting Rules Referendum Fees Tariff (see Referendum Act)

Canada Shipping Act, 2001

  • Load Line Assignment Authorization Orders
  • Load Line Exemption Orders
  • Non-Canadian Ships Safety Orders
  • Ship's Tonnage Survey and Measurement Fees Regulations

Canada Student Financial Assistance Act

  • Orders Designating the Appropriate Authority for a Province with Respect to the Act

Canada Wildlife Act

  • Assigning to the Minister of the Environment, the Administration, Management and Control of Certain Public Lands Orders
  • Order Establishing a Protected Marine Area

Corrections and Conditional Release Act

  • Order Fixing April 19, 2007 as the Date on Which Subsection 108(2) of the Act Applies in the Province of British Columbia

Criminal Code

  • Order Recommending that Each Entity Listed as of July 23, 2004, in the Regulations Establishing a List of Entities Remain a Listed Entity

Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Act

  • Certificates of Age and Origin for Distilled Spirits Produced or Packaged in Canada Order

Divorce Act

  • Minister of Justice Authority to Prescribe Fees Order

Federal Courts Act

  • Canada Federal Court Reports Distribution Orders

Financial Administration Act

  • Authorizing Ministers to Prescribe Fees Orders
  • Orders Directing that certain documents be discontinued
  • Statutes of Canada Distribution Directions (see also Publication of Statutes Act)

Fisheries Prices Support Act (Repealed, 2002)

  • Fisheries Prices Support Orders

Identification of Criminals Act

  • Fingerprinting, Palmprinting and Photography Orders

Indian Act

  • Indian Band Revenue Moneys Orders

Insurance Companies Act

  • Compensation Association Designation Orders

Judges Act

  • Judges Act (Removal Allowance) Orders

Ministries and Ministers of State Act

  • Assigning Ministers of State to Assist other Ministers Orders

National Defence Act

  • Orders Placing Members of the Canadian Forces on Active Service

Northern Pipeline Act

  • Northern Pipeline Socio-Economic and Environmental Terms and Conditions Orders

Nuclear Fuel Waste Act

  • Order Selecting an Approach for the Long-term Management of Nuclear Waste

Other than Statutory Authority

  • Agent Orange Testing at CFB Gagetown Ex-gratia Payments Order
  • Canadian Naval Ensign Order
  • Canadian Orders, Decorations and Medals Directives
  • Canadian Passport Orders
  • Canadian Volunteer Service Medal Orders
  • Controlled Access Zone Order (Halifax, Esquimalt and Nanoose Harbours)
  • European Community Monitor Mission Medal Orders
  • Gallantry Awards Orders
  • Memorial Cross Orders (World War I)
  • Memorial Cross Orders (World War II)
  • Operational Service Medal Order
  • Order Governing the Grant of the Memorial Cross
  • Order Respecting Ex-gratia Payments to Chinese Head Tax Payers
  • Order Respecting Ex-gratia Payments to Persons who were in Conjugal Relationships with now Deceased Chinese Head Tax Payers or to Designated Beneficiaries
  • Order Respecting Ex-gratia Payments to Veterans Involved in Chemical Warfare Agent Testing
  • Order Respecting Ex-gratia Payments to Veterans and Science and Technology Workers Involved in Nuclear Weapons Testing or Nuclear Decontamination
  • Order Respecting the Interim Federal Health Program, 2012
  • Reproduction of Federal Law Order
  • Sacrifice Medal Order
  • Special Service Medal Bar or Clasp Orders
  • United Nations Medal Orders

Pest Control Products Act

  • List of Pest Control Product Formulants and Contaminants of Health and Environmental Concern

Privacy Act

  • Heads of Government Institutions Designation Orders

Publication of Statutes Act

  • Statutes of Canada Distribution Directions (see also Financial Administration Act)

Public Service Employment Act

  • Designation of Certain Portions of the Public Service Orders
  • Order Repealing Certain Exclusion Approval Orders
  • Public Service Exclusion Approval Orders
  • Public Service Official Languages Exclusion Approval Order

Public Service Modernization Act

  • Order Repealing the Public Service Employment Act

Referendum Act

  • Issuance of Writs of Referendum Authorization Order
  • Special Voting Rules General Elections Fees Tariff (see Canada Elections Act)
  • Special Voting Rules Referendum Fees Tariff (see Canada Elections Act)

Revised Statutes of Canada, 1985 Act

  • Revised Statutes of Canada, 1985 Distribution Directions

Royal Canadian Mint Act

  • Orders Authorizing the Issue of Non-circulation Coins

Salaries Act

  • Order Assigning Departments to Assist Ministers made under subsections 5(1) and 5(3)

Species at Risk Act

  • List of Wildlife Species at Risk (decision not to add or referral back to COSEWIC) Orders
  • Order Acknowledging Receipt of the Assessments Done Under Subsection 28(1) of the Act
  • Orders Acknowledging Receipt of the Assessments Done Under Subsection 23(1) of the Act
  • Order Declining to make an Emergency Order for the Protection of the Killer Whale, Northeast Pacific Southern Resident Population - section 80 of the Act (November 1, 2018)

Standards Council of Canada Act

  • Designation of Countries (Standards Council of Canada) Orders

Statutory Instruments Act

  • Canada Gazette Publication Order

Territorial Lands Act  

  • Orders made under section 23
  • Reservation to the Crown Waiver Orders (section 13)
  • Reservation to the Crown Waiver Orders (section 14)

Transport Act (Department of)

  • Designation of Airports Orders made pursuant to section 4 of the Government Airport Concession Operations Regulations

Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada Act

  • Designation Orders made under section 22 of the Act

Weights and Measures Act

  • Establishment of Specifications Order
  • Act - A law made by Parliament or a provincial legislature. The process of making an Act of Parliament begins with the introduction of a proposed act, or bill, in one of the two houses of Parliament (the Senate or the House of Commons). A bill becomes an act if it is passed (approved) by both Houses and receives royal assent.
  • Bill - A proposed law submitted to Parliament for its approval. It may originate either with the Government, with a private Member or from a committee, and may relate either to public or private interests. Bills may be first introduced in either the Senate or the House of Commons, but money bills must be introduced in the House of Commons by a Minister.
  • Blue-stamp - The name given to the stamp placed on draft regulations by the Regulations Section of the Department of Justice. The stamp signifies that the draft regulations have been examined by Justice as required by the Statutory Instrument Act.
  • Cabinet - The executive arm of government. Cabinet Ministers are chosen by the Prime Minister.
  • Governor (General) in Council (GIC) - The Governor General of Canada acting by and with the advice and consent of the King's Privy Council for Canada (i.e., Cabinet).
  • Legislation - Written laws (Acts) made by Parliament or a provincial legislature or by a person or body that has law-making authority, usually delegated by Parliament or a legislature and exercised by making regulations or other delegated legislation.
  • Order in Council (OIC) - A legal instrument made by the Governor in Council pursuant to a statutory authority or, less frequently, the royal prerogative. All OICs are made on the recommendation of the responsible Minister of the Crown and take legal effect only when signed by the Governor General.
  • Regulation - A law made by a person or body that has been granted (delegated) law-making authority. Used both to indicate a specific type of delegated legislation, as well as to refer generically to all forms of delegated legislation. For the purposes of the Regulatory Policy, we rely on the Department of Justice's determination that an item will receive a Statutory Orders and Regulations (SOR) number to indicate that it is a regulation. More broadly, a regulation may refer to any government intervention in the lives of citizens.
  • Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement (RIAS) - A statement to the public, and to Cabinet, that justifies regulatory action by demonstrating that the requirements of the Regulatory Policy have been met.
  • Royal Assent– The approval, by a representative of the Crown, of a bill passed by the House and the Senate, making it an Act of Parliament, Royal assent is accorded in the Senate Chamber, usually by a deputy of the Governor General in the presence of members of the House and Senate.
  • Royal Prerogative – The rights, powers and privileges exercised by the government on behalf of the Crown.
  • Treasury Board (TB) – Established by legislation in 1869, Cabinet Committee that manages the government's financial, personnel and administrative responsibilities. TB members are also responsible since 2003 for approving regulations and most orders in council requiring Governor in Council approval.
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Governor in Council (GIC) Submissions:

  • For assistance in preparing submissions and to obtain examples of required documentation, please contact the TBS-RAS analyst responsible for your department or call 613-943-5076 or send an e-mail questions@tbs-sct.gc.ca.
  • For assistance with routine items which are not sent to TBS-RAS, please contact PCO, Orders in Council Division, 613-957‑5435 or 613-957-5433. Examples of routine items are listed in section 3.1 (Category B) of the process guide.

Governor in Council (GIC) Appointments:

  • For assistance with GIC appointments, please contact the Coordinator, Appointments and Special Events, at 613-957-5195.

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