Government of Canada security career paths

The Canadian Government needs to carefully assess and manage risks to ensure the safety and security of its operations. This includes a wide range of tasks, including screening new employees, maintaining cybersecurity, ensuring physical security, and business continuity planning. It also needs to consider security requirements in contracting and managing security-related events and incidents. It's a complex process that touches on all areas of its work.

Departmental security is a significant area of operations in government that presents multiple job opportunities and career paths in various federal departments and agencies throughout Canada. Whether you are starting your career or considering a change, whether you are currently in the private or public sector, departmental security is a dynamic professional field that offers exciting and challenging careers, where people and technology play a crucial role.  

Opportunities range from student employment to entry- and mid-level positions, to management and executive-level positions, including Chief Security Officers.

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Career paths – Diversification and specialization


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