The role of PHAC is to:

  • Promote health;
  • Prevent and control chronic diseases and injuries;
  • Prevent and control infectious diseases;
  • Prepare for and respond to public health emergencies;
  • Serve as a central point for sharing Canada’s expertise with the rest of the world;
  • Apply international research and development to Canada’s public health programs; and
  • Strengthen intergovernmental collaboration on public health and facilitate national approaches to public health policy and planning.

Public health focuses on the entire population at both the individual and the community level. It encompasses a range of activities performed by all three levels of government (federal, provincial/territorial, and municipal) in collaboration with a wide variety of stakeholders and communities across the country.

Through our research, programs and services, our goals are to bring about healthier Canadians, reduced health disparities, and a stronger capacity to deliver on and support public health activities.

As part of PHAC’s program activities, the Agency uses Grants and Contributions to fund community, voluntary and not-for-profit agencies to support government policies and priorities. PHAC currently has 25 Grants and Contributions programs which fund approximately 1,200 projects across the country and account for almost 33 per cent of PHAC’s annual budget.

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