Evaluation of community associated infections prevention and control activities at the Public Health Agency of Canada – Management response and action plan

Management Response and Action Plan

Centre Name:Centre for Communicable Disease and Infection Control

Date Evaluation Report and MRAP Presented to PHAC Evaluation Committee:February 26, 2013

Report Recommendations

Recommendation as stated in the evaluation report.
Management Response

Identify whether program management agrees, agrees with conditions, or disagrees with the recommendation, and why.
Management Action Plan

Identify what action(s) program management will take to address the recommendation.

Identify key deliverables.
Expected Completion Date

Identify timeline for implementation of each deliverable.

Identify the position(s) / team(s) / division(s) responsible for implementing each deliverable.

Identify Senior Executive (ADM level) accountable for the implementation of each deliverable.
1. Review the Public Health Agency's collaborative activities in community associated infections. Where gaps in achieving Public Health Agency outcomes are identified, develop an appropriate response to enhance coherence in prevention and control activities. Agree 1. Identify collaborative activities in community associated infections through discussion 1.1 Inventory of current collaborations in community associated infections October 31, 2013 CCDIC Dr. Engelhardt
2. Through consultation with relevant stakeholders, partners identify an effective level of collaboration. 2.1. Framework for community acquired infections collaboration. March 31, 2014 CCDIC Dr. Engelhardt
2. Review internal processes to improve the timeliness of community associated infection product distribution. Where needed, develop and implement standards to address identified gaps. Agree 1. Examine existing internal processes involving infection product distribution through consultation with appropriate internal groups such as the Surveillance Integration Team, PHAC Publication Working Group. 1.1 CCDIC standard operating procedures to support publication process including timeframes. March 31, 2014 CCDIC Dr. Engelhardt
2. Develop project management competencies for key employees involved in the development of CAI products. 2.1 Need assessment report Project management support including training December 31, 2013 CCDIC Dr. Engelhardt
3. Develop a comprehensive and feasible performance measurement system to help support programmatic decision making. Agree 1. Consult with PHAC programs to identify current performance measurement initiatives including existing programs such as those developed for the Federal Initiative to Address HIV and AIDS in Canada and the CCDIC user survey pilot project. 1.1 Inventory of current practices and existing performance measurement initiatives. December 31, 2013 CCDIC Dr. Engelhardt
  1.2 CCDIC CAI performance measurement strategy. March 31, 2014 CCDIC Dr. Engelhardt
  1.3 CCDIC Performance monitoring and reporting pilot system (tool to capture and manage performance measurement data). September 01, 2013 CCDIC Dr. Engelhardt

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