ARCHIVED - Formative Evaluation of the Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative


Appendix H: Results of Grant Awards

Catalyst Grant

Memorial University of Newfoundland ($100,000, 1 year) – Heteroclitic Peptides to Increase Human Immunodeficiency Virus-specific CD8+ T cell Interleukin-2 Production

Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal ($100,000, 1 year) – Dissecting the mechanisms of protection by attenuated Nef-deleted HIV vaccine

Université Laval ($100,000, 1 year) – Promoting innate immunity to HIV infection by vaccine delivery of third generation RNA analogs

McMaster University ($100,000, 1 year) – Functional correlate of mucosal antibody response to HIV infection in blood

Université Laval ($100,000, 1 year) – A new human cell experimental system for evaluating prototype HIV-1 vaccines

Mario Ostrowski, University of Toronto ($99,252) – Discovery of new B cell immunogens for HIV vaccines

University of Saskatchewan ($89,482) – A combined early and late HIV-1 protein-specific exosome-targeted T cell vaccine capable of stimulating HIV-1 specific CD8+ CTL responses in absence of CD4+ T cells and counteracting immune suppression

University of Manitoba ($100,000) – Attacking HIV protease cleavage sites with immunization - Explore the rapid mutation rate of HIV-1

Operating Grants

The Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre ($440,604, 3 years) – The functional profile of NK cells in HIV exposed uninfected subjects: Association with carriage of NK receptor-HLA ligand genotypes.

Jewish General Hospital, Montreal ($327,993, 3 years) – The potential of APOBEC3G in the development of a novel anti-HIV-1 therapeutic

University of Manitoba ($663,050, 5 years) – The effect of the CD4 pathogenicity island on HIV susceptibility and disease progression

Jewish General Hospital, Montreal ($721,347, 5 years) – Studying the antiviral activity of bone marrow stromal cell antigen 2 and the countering mechanism from HIV-1 Vpu

Université Laval ($391,824, 3 years) – A comparative immunogenicity study of HIV-1 Pr160Gag-Pol virus-like particles bearing gp120, CD40L and/or TLR5 agonist flagellin

Emerging Team Grants

(Approved to submit a full application – awards expected March 2010)

niversity of Manitoba ($10,000) – Research on the social and cultural aspects of implementing HIV vaccine programs among MSM and FSWs in Asia and Africa

University of Toronto ($10,000) – HIV Vaccine Design based on Novel Strategies to induce Protective Mucosal Cellular and Humoral Immunity

University of Toronto ($10,000) – Enhancing Care and Prevention in HIV Vaccine Trials: An International, Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Simon Fraser ($10,000) – Prophylactic HIV Vaccines for Social Networks of Injection Drug Users

University of British Columbia ($10,000) – At the Crossroads of Vertical and Horizontal HIV Transmission: The HIV-Exposed Uninfected Infant as a Window into Successful HIV Vaccine Design

Health Canada Community Engagement Grants

UNAIDS ($85,000)

WHO African AIDS Vaccine Programme ($95,000)

Community Initiative Grants

Canadian AIDS Society ($268,300.75)

International Coalition on AIDS & Development ($290,000)

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