ARCHIVED - The Community Capacity Building Tool

A tool for planning, building and reflecting on community capacity in community-based health projects

This document is a planning tool to help you build community capacity in health promotion projects. The tool gives you a snapshot of where you are—and where you still might go—in building community capacity for your project.

Using the metaphor of a journey, the tool lets you evaluate or track your location in a health-project journey. Just started, On the road, Nearly there, and We’re there are the four mapping points. We suggest you use the tool in small groups with people involved in your project to generate ideas.

What is the Community Capacity Building Tool?

The “tool” is really nine features that together, describe community capacity. Each feature is presented with questions for your project group to discuss. As you discuss the questions, you record your answers to help further planning. The tool features are:

  1. Participation
  2. Leadership
  3. Community structures
  4. Role of external support (for example, a funding agency)
  5. Asking why
  6. Obtaining resources
  7. Skills, knowledge, and learning
  8. Linking with others
  9. Sense of community

Analysing Data Collected from the Community Capacity Building Tool: A Manual for Users

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