Healthy Canadians and Communities Fund

From: Public Health Agency of Canada

About our program

The Healthy Canadians and Communities Fund is a funding program of the Public Health Agency of Canada. We aim to prevent the main chronic diseases of:

These chronic diseases have common behavioural risk factors, including:

We fund interventions that address these risk factors to prevent chronic disease. This is known as "primary prevention".

We also focus on priority populations who face health inequalities and are at greater risk of developing chronic disease. We identify these populations using research, evidence and consultations focusing on health equity and chronic disease prevention.


Our approach to project funding has 3 phases:

  1. Design
  2. Implement
  3. Scale

This approach recognizes the importance of supporting projects at various stages:

  1. Design: Designing an intervention with a priority population and developing partnerships in different sectors
  2. Implement: Carrying out a project with partners and evaluating the intervention
  3. Scale: Expanding an intervention that has been evaluated and shown to work, in order to:
    • change policies
    • alter cultural norms
    • impact greater numbers

The Healthy Canadians and Communities Fund provides approximately $20 million in annual funding.

Interactive map of funded interventions

The interactive map is a visualization of funded Healthy Canadians and Communities Fund interventions across Canada.

Visit the interactive map.

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