Medical and clinical microbiology and infectious diseases rotation program

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Canada's National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) offers a medical and clinical microbiology infectious diseases rotation program.

The program connects future infectious disease leaders from across Canada to:

About the program

The program lasts 2 weeks and takes place about 3 times a year in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Trainees will learn about the research and services that the NML provides. They will talk with scientists about:

They will learn about the lab's unique testing activities, such as:

They will also learn about the planned innovations and applied research conducted at the lab, as well as biosafety and biosecurity concerns on laboratory activities.

How we evaluate trainees

Trainees are evaluated at the end of the rotation program. Part of the evaluation includes a review of their case study, which they complete on a topic of their choice.

The case study should reflect their knowledge in identifying, validating and reporting an outbreak or a rare infectious disease.

The case study should demonstrate their knowledge of the lab's:


There is no cost to participate in our rotation program. However, trainees are responsible for any expenses associated with their participation, such as:

For more information

For information about admissions, visit the Contact the Public Health Agency of Canada page.

To fill out the online contact form:

For more information on the program, email

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