Office of Border Health Services

The Office of Border Health Services (OBHS) was created in 2013 following an amalgamation of the Public Health Agency of Canada's Office of Quarantine Services (PHAC) and the Travelling Public Program (previously in Health Canada).

The Quarantine Program works to prevent the importation and exportation of communicable diseases into, and out of, Canada by screening and assessing ill travellers for communicable diseases at international points of entry and exit implementing public health measures when communicable diseases of significance are identified, and by collaborating with partners including the Canada Border Services Agency to ensure efficient notification and response to border health events.

The Travelling Public Program (TPP) aims to protect the travelling public through the reduction of public health risks associated with water, food, or sanitary conditions on passenger conveyances and ancillary services, including airplanes, passenger trains/ferries, cruise ships and airport/port terminals. Staff work collaboratively with conveyance operators, deliver public health inspections, and provide training and outreach. The TPP also administers the Ship Sanitation Certificate Program which provides health inspection services and issues ship sanitation certificates to ship operators engaged in international voyages, upon request.

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