Mobilizing Knowledge on Active Transportation


This resource was funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada as part of the Mobilizing Knowledge for Active Transportation Project. The resource was produced through a collaboration led by the Public Health Agency of Canada's Chronic Disease Interventions and Best Practices Division.

The Public Health Agency of Canada would like to thank everyone who made a contribution to this work:

Geoff Noxon, Noxon Associates Limited

Research Support:
Peter truch, Ellen Morrison, OPUS International
Elizabeth Dyke, Health Consultant
Diana Daghofer, Wellspring Strategies

Reference Group Members:
Olivier Bellefleur and Fran├žois Gagnon, National Collaborating Centre on Healthy Public Policy
Sharon Lewinson, ACT Canada
Alice Miro, Heart and Stroke Foundation of British columbia and Yukon
Kim Perrotta and Gene Chin, Healthy Canada by Design
Vicky Reaney and Katy Walsh, Manitoba Department of Local Government Department
Amy Schwartz, Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness
Matt Herman and Toby Green, British Columbia Ministry of Health Services

Public Health Agency of Canada Participants:
Heidi Craswell, Ahalya Mahendra, Munira Lalji, Greg Butler, Mitulika Chawla, Britt Erickson

Public Health Agency of Canada Project Team:
Kerry Robinson, Dawn Sheppard, Pam Turner

The contents of this resource are entirely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the view or opinions of the individuals or organizations who contributed to its development.

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