SummerActive and WinterActive

Thank you for your interest in the SummerActive and WinterActive initiatives.

In 2009, the decision was made to discontinue SummerActive and WinterActive as federal, provincial and territorial initiatives.

The decision reflects a collective desire by the federal government and the provinces and territories to explore new ways to help Canadians to improve their health through physical activity and related healthy behaviours.

For more information on healthy living please visit the following links:

Physical Activity

  1. Tips to Get Active
  2. Health Canada's Physical Activity Index

Healthy Eating

  1. Canada's Food Guide
  2. Office of Nutrition Policy and Promotion
  3. Vitality
  4. Information on Nutrition Labelling
  5. Health Canada's Food and Nutrition

Sport Participation

  1. The Canadian Sport Policy

Tobacco-free Environment

  1. Go Smoke Free!
  2. On the Road to Quitting

Information on healthy living initiatives in your province or territory

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