The Canadian Maternity Experiences Survey


Reports and Reference Material

The Maternity Experiences Survey (MES) is a national survey of Canadian women’s experiences, perceptions, knowledge and practices before conception and during pregnancy, birth and the early months of parenthood. The MES is a project of the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Canadian Perinatal Surveillance System, which monitors and reports on determinants and outcomes of maternal, fetal and infant health in Canada. The MES was developed and implemented by the Public Health Agency of Canada in collaboration with Statistics Canada.

The following documents are available for downloading or viewing:

Mothers' Voices

A booklet specifically intended for women that presents a few highlights from the MES results, along with some of the latest research and recommendations.

Mothers' Voices (PDF document - 920 KB - 20 pages)

What Mothers Say: The Canadian Maternity Experiences Survey

A technical report that presents the results of the MES.

Executive Summary (HTML)

What Mothers Say: The Canadian Maternity Experiences Survey (PDF document - 1.4 MB - 236 pages)

Teaching Slides – The Canadian Maternity Experiences Survey

A series of slides highlighting the results from the Canadian Maternity Experiences Survey. A useful teaching tool for researchers, academics, and students.

To obtain a copy of the slides please refer to the contact information at the bottom of the page.

Data Tables

Providing descriptive statistics and corresponding 95% confidence intervals and coefficients of variation as reported in the technical report. The tables also include additional data not presented in the technical report.

Data Tables (PDF document - 752 KB - 291 pages)


The MES questionnaire includes more than 300 questions covering a broad range of topics surrounding pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Questionnaire (PDF document - 2.1 MB - 92 pages)

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