Parents: Handling Stress

Parents sometimes feel stressed. Any change in your life can cause stress. The situation you are in can be stressful, too. Stress becomes a problem when you feel like you have too much to deal with. Maybe you feel that life is getting out of control.

You may have physical, mental or emotional signs of stress. Pay attention to them and look after yourself. Find someone to talk to. Ask for help from friends or professionals.

Anger is one way that many people react to stress. Everyone gets angry sometimes. Remember that anger is a feeling. You cannot help what you feel. But you can help what you do about your anger. Being angry is never an excuse for hurting someone.

Look for help if you have trouble handling your anger, get angry too often, or are afraid you might hurt your child.

Key Message
Positive coping tools to handle stress

  • Talking with friends and family
  • Asking for help
  • Eating well
  • Getting exercise
  • Getting enough rest
  • Talking to a counsellor

Key Message
Coping tools that can cause problems

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Spending lots of time on the Internet and playing video games

Many people get sad when they are under a lot of stress. It is stressful when unhappy things happen in your life. You can help yourself move past your sad feelings, or keep them from getting worse, by doing things to look after yourself. Talk to a friend. Do something you enjoy.

With love and support from people we care about, most of us are able to work through sad feelings and feel better.

Many Canadians experience depression sometime in their lives. Sometimes, nothing you do seems to make you feel better. You still feel helpless and hopeless. You do not care very much about anything. If you do nothing, depression like this may get worse.

Depression can be helped with counselling and medicine. Look for professional help.

It is very important for you and for your child that you get the help you need.

Key Message
Be an example to your child. Choose positive tools to handle your stress.

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