Canadian Network for Public Health Intelligence (infographic)

What is the Canadian Network for Public Health Intelligence

  • a secure platform providing agile and innovative public health informatics solutions
  • guided by multi-jurisdictional program partnerships
  • all jurisdictions across Canada represented
  • purpose: to support public health protection in Canada

Who uses the Canadian Network for Public Health Intelligence

professionals in public health, clinical settings and animal health, scientists, researchers, decision-makers

  • 7139 users*
  • nearly 2 million logins*

*as of June 2022

Tools and capabilities supporting public health protection

Surveillance and Laboratory Support

40 purpose-built technologies supporting data collection, analysis, intelligence generation and dissemination

Public health alerts

7 modules enabling rapid information sharing across various public health disciplines

Knowledge management and early warning

4 technologies supporting preparedness, agility and adaptability among public health professionals

Collaboration and Response

82 collaboration centres supporting information sharing, consultation, coordination, knowledge exchange and research

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Organization: Public Health Agency of Canada

Published: 2023-01-XX

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