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Below are a sample of the initiatives from each of the pillars, along with the progress status in achieving the ActNow BC objectives.

Pillars Initiatives Partners Success Factors
Physical Activity

Active Communities

The initiative supports local BC governments and partner organizations in promoting healthy lifestyles, increasing physical activity levels and developing supportive communities.

The BC Recreation and Parks Association is implementing the initiative, in partnership with ActNowBC and 2010 Legacies Now.

As of June 30, 2007:

  • there are 137 registered “Active Communities”;
  • 581 Active Communities Tool Kits have been distributed and 398 Active Workplace Workbooks have been downloaded.
Physical Activity

Action Schools! BC

Action Schools! BC enhances inclusivity and diversity in physical activity promotion throughout the school day.

Students, staff, families and community practitioners can contribute to and take advantage of the school-based action plans.

Between January 2004 and May 2007, over 300,000 students attended the 1,308 schools registered in Action Schools (every school district has at least one Action Schools! BC school).

Healthy Eating

BC School Fruit and Vegetable Snack Program (SFVSP)

In September 2005, children in ten pilot elementary schools (representing 3,300 children) started receiving a BC grown fruit or vegetable two times per week and they also receive information on fruits and vegetables.

The program partners with the Ministries of Health, Education and Agriculture and Lands and is delivered through the BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation.

November 2006 evaluation found that:

  • children who were at risk (eating less than five fruits/ vegetables per day) increased their consumption servings by two;
  • 65% of children reported making positive changes including: eating more fruits/vegetables and feeling healthier.

As of September 2007, 162 schools were enrolled.

Healthy Eating


Provides free nutrition information, from registered dietitians, to British Columbians via a toll free number and through

Health Check™ BC Dining Pilot Program

Health Check™ is an initiative that encourages British Columbians to make healthy food choices in family restaurants by incorporating BC foods on healthy menu items.

Cooperation and collaboration with dietitians, nutrition and health agencies and the BC Ministry of Health.

The program partners with the Canadian Heart and Stoke Foundation, the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Land and the BC Ministry of Health and is being pilot-tested in selected White Spot Restaurants in BC.

From April 2005 to March 2006, approximately 20,000 calls were answered by Dial-A-Dietitian staff.

2007 survey results, of five White Spot Restaurants suggest that:

  • 81% of participants look for healthy food choices when ordering food;
  • 61% said they would be more likely to order an item if the logo was beside it on the menu.
Tobacco Control


QuitNow Services are a set of smoking cessation services that help individuals quit smoking and they are available 24/7. is an internet-based cessation program and QuitNow by phone is a toll-free counselling service.

The services are managed by the BC Lung Association, in partnership with the Ministry of Health.

In 2006 alone, 5,364 persons who smoke registered with, which was up from 2005 (3,498).

QuitNow by phone is available in 130 languages and with a Telecommunications device for the Deaf.

Tobacco Control

Municipal Smoking Bylaws

In 2008, the government announced a province-wide smoke-free legislation in all indoor public places, with no allowances for designated smoking rooms in restaurants/bars.

Provincial Government. BC will finally have consistent legislation that applies equally across the province to protect all workers and the public from hazards of second-hand smoke.
Tobacco Control

Honour Your Health Challenge

It is a community-based program developed through the BC Aboriginal Tobacco Strategy, which encompasses best practices, through education and capacity building to promote the wellbeing of Aboriginal people and diminish tobacco misuse.

A skill-building training event in October 2006 included 214 front-line workers, 30 non-Aboriginal provincial/NGO representatives and 40 resource people. From January 2007 to March 2007, a total of 160 communities participated in Honour Our Health activities (i.e. walk groups, traditional dance programs, etc.).
Healthy Choices in Pregnancy

Health Authority FASD Prevention Plans

Healthy Choices in Pregnancy (HCIP) funds enhanced services by increasing staffing for perinatal programs for pregnant women from immigrant, refuge and Aboriginal communities.

Developed by the five Regional Health Authorities and the plans include working with relevant community partners. These programs increased community nutritionist services and food voucher funding to support vulnerable pregnant women.
Healthy Choices in Pregnancy

Service Provider Awareness and Education

This is to develop a best practices Provincial education plan that will focus on counselling women on the use of alcohol and tobacco in pregnancy.

Provincial Health Authority Services of BC has partnered with the health authorities, Ministry of Children and Family Development, Public Health Agency of Canada, BC Association of Pregnancy Outreach Programs, and the BC Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health. As of April 2007, 1,600 service providers including physicians, midwives, public health nurses, Pregnancy Outreach Program staff and mental health and addictions staff have received training.

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