Coming back from COVID-19: Jacob’s story



I’m Jacob, I’m 21 years old, and my parents, my sisters and I all got COVID-19.

At first, my symptoms were fever, my body was a little bit weak.

I didn’t really feel like eating. I didn’t really feel like going out. I just felt like laying down and not moving.

I’d only heard stories about it attacking older people. I didn’t think a young, healthy person like me could get it, and I got tested and I was wrong.

I was a little bit scared at first, you know. It’s a virus that we don’t really know about.

So, I was the first one in my entire family to catch COVID-19. Doing so, I did the right thing by isolating myself from my family for over a month.

I was very worried about giving COVID-19 to my parents. My dad is diabetic. My mom is pretty healthy, but regardless, they’re a little bit older and I didn’t want them to catch it.

Even isolated in my room, my entire family was able to catch COVID-19.

My parents kind of had it pretty rough. My dad couldn’t say three words without coughing and neither could my mom.

They were in horrible condition, staying in bed, losing their appetite and losing their sense of taste.

I was very worried about my mother. As soon as she had gone to get tested, they took her directly to the hospital, and that was extremely scary knowing that one of my parents was in the hospital for COVID-19.

My mom was there for four days and it was rough Facetiming her, watching her in the hospital bed.

My dad had gone four days later. He stayed with us just in case anything had happened.

I didn’t know how COVID-19 could affect him, but I knew that he already had a health problem.

I was worried for him every day, calling him, making sure that he was okay.

I felt super guilty because I felt like it was all my fault, since I was the first one to catch it.

Soon enough, he was able to come back home and we were super relieved to see that.

So my perspective definitely changed after catching COVID-19. I realized that it was not only older people that could catch it, but younger people like myself could also.

You’re not indestructible. Because if I got it, then you can get it.

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