Coming back from COVID-19: Lenni-Kim’s story



My name is Lenni-Kim. I’m 18 years old, and my mother and I were infected by COVID-19.

My mother and I both have the impression that we lost three or four weeks of our lives. Honestly, we weren’t present mentally anymore. We weren’t there; we were completely confused.

Of course, I’m usually somebody who physically fit. I never thought I could catch COVID-19. I know that there are a lot of people who say it’s a little like the flu but, honestly, I’ve had the flu several times, but I’ve never felt anything like that. It doesn’t feel similar to the flu.

I don’t know how I caught it. It might have been on public transportation or just from being in contact with people in general, because in my job I’m often in contact with many, many people.

At first, I had a little headache, and then I mainly felt pain in my legs. The aching extended from my legs up to my lower back and lasted for about the first two days. After that, it was mainly fatigue. I’d make a spaghetti sauce, say, and then I felt like I’d done my complete workout for the day.

Other than that, it was mostly my mother who developed more symptoms. She coughed a lot, had some trouble breathing, was very confused and was having headaches.

When I saw my mother’s symptoms, I decided to drive her to hospital so that we both could be tested.

There, we both tested positive for COVID and, right away, after we found out, we took all the necessary precautionary measures and self-isolated.

We self-isolated for more than 27 days, I believe, until we were permitted to leave the house.

I live in a three-generation house. My father lives upstairs. My mother and I live on the main floor and my grandmother lives below. It’s actually her apartment. It definitely caused us a lot of anxiety.

It was very important to comply with physical distancing rules to avoid infecting my grandmother who is at risk because of her age. We had to be very careful not to give the virus to my grandmother.

I would like to share my COVID-19 story to raise awareness so that people are careful and just follow the rules so that life can quickly get back to normal for everybody.

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