Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): How to remove disposable gloves

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Text on screen: How to remove disposable gloves

Personal protective equipment or "PPE" can protect you.

A hospital custodian wearing full personal protective equipment enters the room pushing a cart with cleaning supplies.

The image freezes and the custodian's disposable gloves are highlighted.

But, if you don't remove your disposable gloves properly, you could be exposing yourself to contaminants on the outside of those gloves.

Here's how to remove gloves properly.

Grab the outside edge near the wrist of one glove and peel it away, rolling it inside out.

The image freezes again as the custodian slides two fingers under the other glove, as per the instructions.

Hold the balled-up glove in your gloved hand.

Then slide two ungloved fingers under your other glove,

…making sure not to touch the outside of the glove - and peel it away.

Drop both gloves into a proper waste container.

Both disposable gloves fall into a garbage can. The custodian then moves to a counter where there is a pump-style container of hand sanitizer.

Finally, wash or disinfect your hands.

If you follow these steps, the gloves will have done what you expected them to do - protect your health.

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