Dementia project – Toom (30 sec)

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(Two women sit side by side. The older woman wearing glasses and red lipstick speaks. The younger woman grins and chuckles.)

Toom: I like to work.

Tarn: She likes to work.

(A pair of gloved hands scoops a mixture from a stainless steel bowl. She places a spoonful into a round dumpling wrapper.)

Toom: For Dumpling Drop. They're my favourite.

(The older woman's image appears. She stands outside smiling at the camera. Text reads, Toom”.)

(A dumpling is placed beside several others on a sheet tray.)

Tarn: To help me out?

(The women appear, sitting side by side. The younger woman smiles staring at Toom. She nods her head.)

Toom: Helping out, yes.

(Toom and the younger woman walk along the street then enter a local market. Text reads, “Tarn, Toom's daughter”.)

Tarn: I think it's really important for people with Alzheimer's to have a routine and a purpose in life.

(Inside, Tarn holds a mango to her mother's nose. Toom smells the ripe fruit and nods, then points to the box of mangos.)

Tarn: So, we had her start help rolling dumplings.

(Toom and Tarn gather more mangos in a plastic bag as they shop together.)

(Tarn smiles as she sits at a table facing Toom. A bowl of dumpling filling sits between them in a large bowl. Toom twists the filled wrapper shaping the dumpling.)

Tarn: She's getting really, really good. And really fast.

(Tarn smiles proudly at her mother, Toom, as she speaks to the interviewer.)

Toom: It's a part of my life.

(Toom looks down intently as she shapes the intricate dumpling with her gloved fingers. Text appears, “Dementia might look different than you expect.”)

(The Government of Canada logo appears.)

Narration: A message from the Government of Canada.

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