Marvelous’ HIV story: Described video



(Live action testimonial video featuring a woman named Marvelous.)

(Opening music playing.)

(A montage of Marvelous seen in various settings. She stands outside in an urban area while camera pans around her and then she is seen indoors seated at a table speaking to camera.) 


Finding out about U = U was transformative. You can achieve what you want. It might be hard, but once you have that hope, you have a vision to say, “This is what I want”, you’ll get it.

(Close-up of Marvelous holding various images in her hand while speaking off camera. A picture of a baby followed by a picture of herself as a young woman.)

My name is Marvelous. I’m originally from Zimbabwe and also I’m a woman living with HIV. I was diagnosed in 1995. That was my first sexual intercourse, and I got pregnant and I got HIV.

(Back to medium shot of her seated indoors speaking to camera.)

At that time, there was not access to treatment like it is now in Zimbabwe. Actually, I didn’t even know where to get treatment.

(Extreme close-up of image her holding a newborn baby.) 

So unfortunately, when I gave birth, my child passed away with bronchopneumonia.

(Montage of various shots of Marvelous in an office setting as her voice is heard off camera. She is seen entering an office reception area, walking and talking to a woman in a hallway and seated in an office speaking to another woman.) 

Text on screen: U = U (undetectable = untransmittable)

I started advocating for just women’s voices to be heard, and now with U =U, just making sure that women’s voices are taken into consideration.

U = U, to me, means that once you are undetectable, meaning that your viral load is undetectable, the virus is there, but you cannot transmit HIV if you are taking your treatment.

(Back to montage of Marvelous seated indoors speaking to camera and seen speaking to woman in an office.)

Text on screen: Treatment prevents the transmission of HIV.

Especially if you go for tests for 6 months and you’re still undetectable, it is scientifically proven that you don’t transmit HIV.

You can have sex without worrying about transmitting to someone. You can do that freely, without shame and enjoying your sex.

Yes, you can live positively. You can be out about your status.

(Montage of various shots of Marvelous outside, walking on a busy sidewalk, in a park area surrounded by urban buildings, standing beside a fountain while her voice is heard off camera.)

Text on screen: The only way to know your status is to get tested.

You can be out about your status at work or within your family. And it’s not that because of U = U everyone has to be public and say, “Yes, I’m HIV positive”, wherever you go. It’s up to you.

Now that we know with U = U, I cannot transmit HIV to my baby, I can have a healthy baby and that baby will grow up knowing that they’ve got a healthy mother who’s HIV positive, that’s something marvelous to think about.

(Wide shot of Marvelous smiling to camera in an urban setting while people walk around her.)

So, I didn’t let HIV stop me from getting the dreams that I wanted to. Yes, it was a road which had its own ups and downs…

(Cut to Marvelous seated indoors, talking to camera.)

...but I always had a dream and I always wanted to achieve my dream to go and do my Ph.D. and I’m happy I’m getting there.

Text on screen: Get the facts about HIV. Together, let’s stop stigma. Visit

(Canada wordmark.)


A message from the Government of Canada.

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