How to prevent antibiotic resistance - with described video

Transcript - How to prevent antibiotic resistance

A hand places a pill bottle on the screen and it changes into a cartoon character

TEXT ON SCREEN - Antibiotics

TEXT ON SCREEN - Let's talk about antibiotics

TEXT ON SCREEN - It's getting harder for antibiotics to do their job

Pill bottle character looks concerned, a shadow appears

Zoom out to reveal a very large sinister bacteria cartoon character

Both characters slide off screen and a young man appears

A magnifying glass appears over the man and zooms in to display many happy-looking bacteria characters

TEXT ON SCREEN - Good bacteria

Good bacteria slide off screen and then three sinister bacteria characters appear in a police style line-up holding two signs, one says Staph infection, the other Gonorrhoea

TEXT ON SCREEN - Infectious bacteria

Pill bottle character comes on screen and pushes one bacteria character off screen

Pill bottle character returns and has some difficulty pushing another character off screen

Remaining bacteria character moves to centre of screen

Pill bottle character returns and tries to push remaining bacteria character, but it won't move

Bacteria character doubles in size

Pill bottle character looks frustrated

Pill bottle character trues very hard to push the bacteria character but it will not move

Pill bottle character gives up and sits down beside bacteria character

A single pill escapes from the pill bottle character and lands at the feet of the young man

Screen changes to show the young man in sick in bed with a thermometer in his mouth

Screen zooms to show clock and calendar on stand beside bed

Clock spins and calendar change rapidly

Screen pans back to sick young man

TEXT ON SCREEN - The need for more powerful antibiotics and a need for more medical procedures

Young man turns green and brings his hand to his mouth

TEXT ON SCREEN - Increased side effects from antibiotic treatments

Screen changes to show young man in hospital bed his illness worsens

TEXT ON SCREEN - Some infections becoming untreatable and potentially life-threatening

A female doctor appears on screen holding a chart, young man looks happier

TEXT ON SCREEN - But here is the good news

Screen zooms in on Doctor

TEXT ON SCREEN - We can help prevent antibiotic resistance

Screen zooms out to show Doctor will pill bottle character standing on her hand. Young man appears looking much healthier and a number of people appear in the background

TEXT ON SCREEN - By working together and making healthy decisions

All characters smile

Screen changes to show pill bottle character alone

TEXT ON SCREEN - Remember: just because you are sick, it does not always mean you need antibiotics

Pill bottle character shakes it's head

Screen zooms out to show a different man looking ill with the pill bottle character

TEXT ON SCREEN - Antibiotics can treat bacterial infections like strep throat

Pill bottle character nods, and a green check mark appears under the sick man

A woman looking ill appears on screen with the ill man

TEXT ON SCREEN - Not viral infections like a cold or the flu

Pill bottle shakes it's head, and a red X appears under the ill woman

Both characters slide off screen, and the Doctor reappears, examining a medical chart

TEXT ON SCREEN - Talk with a healthcare provider to see if antibiotics are the right choice

Doctor sets chart down, raises hand with pill bottle character on it

TEXT ON SCREEN - If they are prescribed for you take them as directed

Pill bottle character waves, gives the thumbs up

Doctor and pill bottle character slide off screen, and a pair of hands under a running faucet with a bar of soap appears

TEXT ON SCREEN - To prevent infections, wash your hands often with soap and water

The previous items slide off screen, and a calendar and a hand holding a syringe appear. A mobile phone appears as well


TEXT ON SCREEN - Keep your vaccinations up to date

The previous items slide off screen, and a person sick in bed appears.

TEXT ON SCREEN - and stay at home when you are sick

A collage of the washing hands, calendar and young person images appear, replaced by the young man, doctor and a number of other different people appear

Pill bottle character appears at bottom of screen, waves and gives the thumbs up

TEXT ON SCREEN - to learn more visit

TEXT ON SCREEN - Canada wordmark with waving flag

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