A snapshot of public health in Canada

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Narrator: We all want to be as healthy as possible and live life to our full potential!

A young cyclist is biking on a street not wearing any protective gear.

The cyclist hits a pothole causing her to fall forward.

The cyclist ends up in a hospital bed.

Narrator: In Canada, our healthcare system cares for us when we are injured or sick.

The scene rewinds to the cyclist before she hit the pothole.

Narrator: But did you know that we also have a system that works to prevent these things from happening in the first place?

Safety signs appear along the street, such as a no smoking sign in a storefront window and a bike lane sign. The cyclist is now wearing a helmet and her bike has safety equipment, including a bell, reflectors and lights. The street is well-maintained and there is no pothole.

Narrator: and promotes the well-being of our entire community?

The cyclist bikes by a park filled with a diverse representation of people of different ages, abilities and ethnicities.

Narrator: This is the role of public health!

A bird’s eye view is shown of the people interacting in the park.

Narrator: Working behind the scenes to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to be their healthiest selves.

The scene changes. Images of a farm, a mountain, and a train appear on the screen representing the “agriculture,” “transport” and “environment” sectors. 

Narrator: To do this, public health in Canada relies on many dedicated people, working in partnership with different levels of government and other sectors.

The scene changes to a community garden where a man and a woman are gardening.

Narrator: Volunteers Sundar and Fatima used funding and advice from public health to start a local community garden. Their garden helps the community to GROW healthier with green space and fresh local produce.

The scene changes to a restaurant kitchen where a food inspector is holding a clipboard. 

Narrator: At the nearby restaurant, LEAF it to food safety inspector Gustavo to make sure Malcolm’s salad is safe to eat!

The camera zooms into fresh vegetables on the kitchen counter, which are then combined to make a salad.

The scene changes to an elderly man eating the salad in a restaurant.

Narrator: And did you know public health also has a role to play after you've eaten? 

The elderly man uses a walker to go to a gender-inclusive public toilet. 

The scene drops down to reveal an underground sewage network that is linked to a wastewater treatment facility.

Inside the facility, a lab technician is testing water samples.

Narrator: Wastewater surveillance involves the sampling and analysis of sewage to track community health threats.

A close up of the water sample reveals bacteria, viruses and other microscopic particles.

The scene changes to a scientist sitting in front of a computer.

Narrator: Danika is a public health epidemiologist.

The scientist’s computer screen shows coronavirus images and a bar graph.

Narrator: She doesn’t WASTE a chance to monitor the spread of infectious diseases in the community, including COVID-19.

The scene shifts to a retirement home showing the elderly man from the previous scene getting a flu shot from a nurse.

Narrator: Back at his retirement home, Malcolm gets a visit from Eric, a public health nurse. Eric gives Malcolm his yearly flu shot

The nurse is talking to the elderly man and a speech bubble appears showing exercises that the nurse suggests for the patient to improve his mobility.

Narrator: and shows him some fall-prevention exercises to help maintain his balance and muscle strength. Now, that’s setting the TONE for healthy living!

The elderly man follows the nurse’s directions and stands up.

The scene changes to a city planner who is on-site at an urban greenspace. The city planner is holding a blueprint. 

Narrator: Selena is a city planner, working in partnership with public health to design a park. This new greenspace will be pretty COOL - reducing hotspots, as our summers get warmer.

The blueprint reveals a design for a new park. The blueprint becomes a reality, and a couple is watching their child go down a slide.

Narrator: It will also be a safe space for physical activity, connecting with others, and supporting mental health for all!

The various characters from the video appear on screen together to show how they are connected to one another.

Narrator: These are just a few examples of public health in action!

Text on screen: Learn more about public health in Canada!

The cover of the Chief Public Health Officer’s 2021 annual report “A Vision to Transform Canada’s Public Health System” appears on the screen.

Text on screen: Consult the document A Vision to Transform Canada’s Public Health System online

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