Foreign Credential Validation against Canadian Standards

If you went to school outside of Canada

If you were educated outside of Canada, you must have your certificates and/or diplomas assessed against Canadian education standards. This will enable you to provide proof that your foreign credentials are comparable to Canadian Standards when applying for a job in the public service. The public service recognizes Foreign Educational Credentials as long as they are deemed comparable to Canadian standards, through a recognized credential assessment service.

The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC) assists persons who wish to obtain an assessment of their educational, professional, and occupational credentials by referring them to the appropriate organizations.

The CICIC does not itself assess credentials, nor does it intervene on behalf of individuals or in complaints to the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board (FPSLREB). The CICIC can be contacted at the CICIC website. Their website provides links to a number of Canadian organizations that provide equivalency assessments. As well, you may contact the CICIC at:

95 St. Clair Avenue West, Suite 1106
Toronto, Ontario, M4V 1N6
Tel: 416-962-9725
Fax: 416-962-2800
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List of recognized agencies in Canada for the assessment of foreign credentials

The following recognized agencies are members of the Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada, and are authorized to conduct and validate academic assessments of foreign credential for the purpose of satisfying Treasury Board of Canada qualification standards for employment in the core public administration:

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