How to request assessment accommodation

Candidates cannot request accommodation directly from the Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC). Please have a look at the different situations below to determine who candidates should contact in order to receive accommodation.

Candidates (public servants or not) applying for a job in the public service

If invited to write a test in relation to a job they applied for, candidates must inform the person who sent them the invitation of their accommodation needs. This person will either make an accommodation request, on their behalf, to the  PSC  or contact them to obtain further information.


Candidates can consult the job poster to find out what tests will be administered as part of the selection process. If they wish to obtain more information about these tests, they can consult the PSC website or contact the personnel in charge of the hiring process, whose contact information should be at the bottom of the job poster.

Candidates who are public servants and need to renew their linguistic levels

Candidates who need to take Second Language Evaluation tests without them being part of a nomination process must notify their manager if they need accommodation. Their manager will then send an accommodation request to the PSC on their behalf.

Any other situation

We invite you to contact us. We will refer you to the person you should get in touch with in order to receive accommodation.

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