Standards for psycho-educational reports submitted for accommodation purposes


Candidates are invited to print these standards and to bring them to their psychologist on their first appointment.

Candidates who request accommodation on the basis of a learning disorder need to provide the Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC) with a psycho-educational or neuropsychological assessment report issued by a registered psychologist. This report should have been issued while the candidate was at least 18 years old. It should contain the following information:

  • Description of relevant medical, developmental, psychosocial, family, academic and employment history. Personal information that the candidate doesn’t want to disclose can be blacked out, as long as it is not relevant the candidate’s accommodation needs.
  • Standardized test results, including percentiles, reflecting the following spheres:
    • overall cognitive ability (including index and subtest results when applicable)
    • attention (focused attention, sustained attention, working memory, etc.)
    • information processing (auditory and visual processing, processing speed, etc.)
    • motor ability (if relevant)
    • memory
    • academic achievement (reading, writing, mathematics and, if relevant, oral communication)
  • Clinical summary that clearly states the presence of a learning disability and that explains how this disability affects the individual in work and assessment situations.

To obtain a psycho-educational report, candidates must set an appointment with a psychologist with the appropriate background. Prior to making an appointment with a psychologist, candidates should discuss the possible payment or reimbursement options with their manager, the hiring manager or the responsible HR officer.

For more information about these standards, please contact our Assessment Accommodation unit.

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