Roles and responsibilities

Here are the respective roles and responsibilities for candidates, human resources (HR) and the Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC) when it comes to assessment accommodation.


  • Inform HR of their need for accommodation
  • Provide information and documentation on the nature and extent of their functional limitations
  • Provide input on past accommodation and its appropriateness

Human resources (advisors and managers)

  • Informs candidates of the assessment tools that will be used as part of the application process
  • Informs candidates of their right to request assessment accommodation
  • For PSC tests, forward the accommodation request to the our Assessment Accommodation Unit
  • for non-PSC tests, determines the accommodation on their own OR asks us to determine the accommodation
  • Ensures that accommodation measures are correctly implemented during testing
  • Assumes the costs related to assessment accommodation, up to the point of undue hardship

Public Service Commission

  • determines required assessment accommodation for PSC and non-PSC tests
  • provides adapted formats of its tests at no cost
  • provides adapted formats of organizational tests on a cost recovery basis
  • administers accommodated tests
  • provides departments and agencies with guidance and documentation on accommodation
  • offers workshops and webinars on assessment accommodation

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