Workshops and webinars

These sessions were developed by the Public Service Commission’s Personnel Psychology Centre, whose area of expertise is in assessment.

Assessment workshops and webinars currently being offered:

Best Practices for Assessment Strategies

Participants: Human resources advisors and hiring managers

Objective: This half-day workshop deals with best practices and professional advice for maximizing the use of assessment tools.


  • How to target qualifications that set a solid foundation for inclusive and effective assessment
  • Fundamental assessment principles and basic assessment terminology
  • Benefits and drawbacks of the most commonly used assessment tools
  • Effective assessment strategies, based on the skills being assessed and the variety of tools available

Participants will be provided with reading material in advance and take part in hands-on exercises during the workshop.

Getting More out of Your Knowledge Tests: How to Develop and Use Them Effectively

This seminar allows hiring managers and human resources advisors to enhance their ability to develop and use knowledge tests in a manner that adhere to professional standards and best practices. It will help participants develop a sound understanding of how to:

  • develop a test blueprint or plan
  • write effective, short-answer knowledge test questions (does not include multiple choice)
  • recognize content that may be offensive, biased, unfair or otherwise problematic
  • refine test questions
  • develop a scoring system
  • set appropriate pass marks
  • safeguard test content
  • avoid practices that could result in complaints

The workshop includes a hands-on activity to help reinforce learning. Participants will also receive a few useful handouts:

  • questions and answers on knowledge tests
  • key points on how to develop and use knowledge tests effectively
  • a template for administering a knowledge test
  • a copy of the slides used in the workshop
Basics of Assessment Accommodation

In the federal public service, all applicants being assessed during an appointment process must be provided with an equal opportunity to demonstrate their qualifications.

Basics of Assessment Accommodation is a webinar that provides introductory information and guidance to human resources specialists and hiring managers on assessment accommodation, including essential background information and guidance on how to determine and implement accommodation in an assessment process.

In this 90-minute session, participants train at their own desk using WebEx software. The following topics are covered in the webinar:

  • the legal framework and related policies that affect the assessment accommodation process
  • the 4 basic principles guiding the development of assessment accommodation
  • the roles and responsibilities of those involved in establishing accommodation in the assessment process
  • the 6-step process for determining and implementing assessment accommodation

The webinar offers:

  • access to the live session facilitated by assessment accommodation experts
  • materials provided during the session
  • an opportunity to participate in the question-and-answer portion
  • access to a recording of the session to review at any time
Getting the Most out of Structured Interviews

Participants: Human resource advisors and hiring managers

Objective: This half-day workshop provides best practices and practical advice for developing and carrying out effective structured interviews.


  • Types of interview questions (When should I use situational versus behavioural questions?)
  • Writing and reviewing questions (How can I develop questions that assess the competencies needed for the position?)
  • Training the interview board (Who should I select as board members? How can I ensure consistency in their evaluations?)
  • Scoring interview questions (What type of rating scale should I use? What assessment errors are commonly made and how can I counter them?)

Participants will benefit from hands-on exercises during the session and will be provided with the following handouts:

  • a sample competency-by-tool grid
  • a confidentiality agreement to reduce information sharing among candidates
  • a candidate instructions template
  • a summary of key points and tips on conducting effective interviews

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The cost per group session is typically between $1,875 and $2,365.

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