Public Service Commission (PSC) e-testing facilities are fully operational in six PSC regional offices across the country (the Halifax e-testing centre is expected to be operational in 2008-2009). These facilities help with increased assessment needs related to public service renewal, national area of selection and collective staffing. We are also available to help organizations interested in establishing their own facilities to administer PSC e-tests.

E-testing provides you with a means to test candidates using an online version of a PSC test in a proctored test environment. Practically speaking, e-testing means:

  • fewer resources required on the part of human resources personnel and test administrators;
  • faster scoring: candidate responses are automatically uploaded and immediately scored by the Personnel Psychology Centre (PPC);
  • faster distribution of official tests results: e-test scores are validated by the PPC and official results and can easily be sent to departments and agencies within 48 hours;
  • greater test security: there is no need to ship test booklets, scoring keys, answer keys and other test material that could potentially be misplaced;
  • a modern approach for computer-savvy candidates: no more scannable forms or bubble sheets; and
  • helping to position the federal public service as a leader of modern staffing and assessment practices.

More information on e-testing is available on Supervised Online Tests or by contacting your nearest PSC office.

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