2014-2015 Annual Report - Appendix 4

Audit engagement and work plan

The Public Service Commission (PSC)’s authority to conduct audits is defined in the Public Service Employment Act (PSEA). This authority includes all organizations that are subject to the PSC’s Appointment Delegation and Accountability Instrument with the PSC and therefore are covered under the PSEA.

This audit engagement and work plan reflects the continued evolution of the PSC’s approach to oversight as the staffing system and capacity within delegated organizations matures and the renewal of the PSC’s policy and the delegation frameworks. An updated plan will be published in 2016-2017.

All engagements and reporting periods are subject to change.

Under way or planned for 2015-2016
Organizational audits Size of organization
Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency Micro
Courts Administration Service Medium
Horizontal audits
Government-wide compliance audit(a)
Assessments(b) Size of organization
Indian Oil and Gas Micro
Military Police Complaints Commission of Canada Micro
Office of the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner Micro
Royal Canadian Mounted Police External Review Committee Micro
Canadian Human Rights Commission Small
Office of the Privacy Commissioner Small
Canada School of Public Service Medium
Office of the Chief Electoral Officer Small
Privy Council Office Medium
Canada Border Services Agency Large
Environment Canada(c) Large
Correctional Service Canada Large
Shared Services Canada Large

Note: Large organizations have 2 000 or more employees, medium organizations have between 500 and 1 999 employees, small organizations have between 100 and 499 employees and micro organizations have 99 or fewer employees.

(a) The development and testing of methodology will take place in 2015-2016. Two organizations, the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Administrative Tribunal Support Services of Canada, which have not been audited may be included.

(b) Assessments will be designed to assist organizations in making the transition to the new PSC policy and delegation frameworks. Medium and large organizations will be able to conduct a self-assessment, or may ask the PSC to complete an assessment on their behalf. The PSC will conduct the assessment for small and micro organizations.

(c) To be conducted jointly.

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