2014-2015 Annual Report - Appendix 6

Priority types

There are eleven priority types,Footnote 24 four of which are statutory and have precedence over other entitlements. The statutory entitlements are, in order:

  1. Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members who have been released for medical reasons attributable to service (in effect July 1, 2015);
  2. An organization’s own surplus employees;
  3. Employees returning from a leave of absence whose positions have been staffed indeterminately, or the employees who replaced them, if they are displaced when the employee returns from leave; and
  4. Persons who have been laid off.

The seven regulatory priority entitlements found in the Public Service Employment Regulations ollow the statutory priority types in order of precedence, but do not otherwise have an order:

  • Surplus employees from other departments and agencies;
  • Employees who have become disabled;
  • Certain Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) members who have been discharged for medical reasons;
  • Certain CAF members who have been released for medical reasons not attributable to service (in effect July 1, 2015);
  • Employees who are on a leave of absence as a result of the relocation of their spouse or common-law partner, and whose positions have not been staffed indeterminately;
  • Certain persons with a priority entitlement who were appointed or deployed to a lower-level position and are entitled to be reinstated to their former level; and
  • Surviving spouses or common-law partners of employees or members of the CAF or RCMP whose death is attributable to the performance of duties.


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