2019–20 Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy

1. Context for the Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy

Although the Public Service Commission (PSC) is not bound by the Federal Sustainable Development Act and is not required to develop a full departmental sustainable development strategy, the PSC adheres to the principles of the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS) by implementing the Policy on Green Procurement.

The Policy on Green Procurement supports the Government of Canada’s effort to promote environmental stewardship. In keeping with the objectives of the policy, the PSC supports sustainable development by integrating environmental performance considerations into the procurement decision‑making process through the actions described in the “FSDS goal: low-carbon government” table in section 2.

2. Commitments for the Public Service Commission

FSDS goal: low-carbon government
FSDS target FSDS contributing action Corresponding departmental action(s) Support for UN Sustainable Development Goal target Starting point(s), target(s) and performance indicator(s) for departmental actions Link to the department’s Program Inventory
Reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from federal government buildings and fleets by 40% below 2005 levels by 2030, with an aspiration to achieve it by 2025. Support the transition to a low‑carbon economy through green procurement.
  • Review PSC contracting templates to ensure that current environmental considerations are included.
  • Centrally purchase copy paper for the PSC’s headquarters, ensuring it contains recycled content and is certified to a recognized environmental standard to reduce the environmental impact of its production. This will also reduce the quantity of deliveries and subsequently reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Leverage common use procurement instruments, where available and feasible.
  • Ensure specialists in procurement or material management have the necessary training and awareness to support green procurement.

Sustainable Development Goal 12

Target 12.7: Promote public procurement practices that are sustainable, in accordance with national policies and priorities.

Starting points (baseline): Not applicable

Targets (by March 31, 2020):

  • 75% of PSC contracting templates are reviewed.
  • 90% of white bond copy paper purchases for the PSC’s headquarters contain a minimum of 30% recycled content and are certified to a recognized environmental standard.
  • Common use procurement instruments are leveraged, where available and feasible.
  • 80% of designated specialists received training in green procurement.

Performance indicators:

  • Percentage of internal contracting documents (including Statement of Work, Request for Proposal, Request for Standing Offer, and Request for Quotation templates) that are reviewed by the end of the year (March 31).
  • Volume of purchased white bond copy paper that meets the target objective relative to the total volume of all copy paper centrally purchased in the year.
  • Percentage of designated specialists in procurement and materiel management who have completed training on green procurement at fiscal year-end (March 31).
Internal Services

3. Integrating sustainable development

The PSC will continue to ensure that its decision-making process includes consideration of FSDS goals and targets through its Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) process, if applicable. A SEA for policy, plan or program proposals includes an analysis of the impacts of the given proposal on the environment, including on FSDS goals and targets.

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