Summary - Review of Lessons Learned: Accommodation Measures for Unsupervised Online Second Language Evaluation Tests

In the summer of 2020, the Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC) launched a project on accommodation measures for unsupervised internet tests of second language evaluation in order to develop a platform for people who require accommodation.

Project purpose

Review context

Review objectives

Key findings

Lessons learned and best practices

Lesson learned: It is important to ensure that the project team includes a project manager, a business analyst, and that all sectors involved in the project work together to coordinate their efforts.

Lesson learned: During the planning phase, it is important to ensure that key stakeholders have a common understanding of the project management approach, how this method will be implemented and the expected project deliverables.

Lesson learned: For digital solutions, it is important in the planning phase to consider a way to develop and document key requirements such as data management and quality, IT security and reporting for communication purposes.

Best practice: The project was successful given that a dedicated project team, including all the required subject matter experts, was put in place and met daily according to the established work plan.

Best practice: The project team benefited from the project governance structure that was established, senior management engagement and support, and good collaboration at all levels of the organization, which supported timely and effective decision-making.

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