Delivering online tests using the Public Service Commission's testing platforms

Federal government departments and agencies can deliver professionally developed tests electronically using the Public Service Commission (PSC) online testing platforms. Uploading tests onto the platforms is an easy process that is guided by a Personnel Psychology Centre (PPC) psychologist.

Online testing using a PSC testing platform is ideal for staffing processes that:

  • Are ongoing or conducted from year-to-year;
  • Have consistently large volumes;
  • Use professionally developed tests.

What are the advantages of on-line testing?

  • Easier administration of tests: Test ordering and administration is handled electronically and results can be accessed by your organization almost immediately.
  • To facilitate test administration, training and support on the testing platforms can be provided by the PPC.
  • Ensuring fairness through increased standardization of test administration and scoring.
  • Reducing the risk of a security breach: The PSC testing platforms use industry standard security features and there is no mailing of test booklets and answer sheets.
  • The testing interface can make use of your organization's visual identity.

How does on-line testing work?

The PSC has two systems available to organizations:

  1. The Online Testing Facility (OLTF) is used for supervised testing. Tests via OLTF are delivered on computers in your own organization's testing centres. A test administrator supervises candidates in individual or group testing sessions.
  2. The Online Internet Testing (OIT) platform is used for unsupervised testing over the Internet. Candidates take the test in a location of their choice, at any time within a predetermined testing timeframe. Unsupervised tests are screening tools that are ideal for high-volume staffing. To mitigate any cheating risks, follow-up testing is recommended for candidates who pass an unsupervised test prior to an appointment being made.

Both testing platforms currently support multiple choice tests, but other features (e.g., constructed response questions, audio and video capabilities) may be possible.

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