Employment Equity Issues

PPC assessment instruments and services address employment equity issues.

PPC assessment instruments help managers identify, in an equitable and transparent way, qualified individuals to serve the Canadian public. Individuals, whatever their characteristics, have a fair chance to show their competence.

During development:

  • Designers work to ensure that assessment instruments assess job requirements.
  • Professional test developers, managers, candidates and representatives of employment equity groups review the instruments.
  • Designated groups take pretests to assure test developers that the instruments are fair

During candidate preparation:

  • Information sheets explain purposes and procedures.
  • Practice tests raise candidates' awareness of test formats and contents.

During administration:

  • Instruments are administered systematically.
  • Scoring is objective. Everyone is judged using the same criteria.
  • Procedures and content are adjusted for candidates with disabilities.

For people with disabilities:

  • People with disabilities can be accommodated on a case-by-case basis through special arrangements for the test environment, administration procedures and test content.
  • Many assessment instruments are available in alternate formats, such as Braille, large print, diskette and audio cassette.

For managers and human resource officers assessing individuals with disabilities, the PPC:

PPC instruments and services are designed to ensure fairness for all employees.

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