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PPC Assessment Instruments and Services "What makes them distinctive?"

Designed by the public sector for the public sector, PPC assessment instruments and services have been developed by specialists who understand your needs. The Personnel Psychology Centre (PPC) is a division of the Public Service Commission of Canada. PPC staff are highly-trained and experienced professionals who know the public sector.


PPC assessment instruments are developed according to strict professional standards and are supported by extensive research. We design them to be objective, accurate, efficient, and fair. They are also excellent predictors of job performance.

Designed for all levels

PPC assessment instruments and services include multiple-choice tests and work sample instruments, such as in-basket exercises and simulations. General assessment and the assessment of administrators, managers and leaders give you valuable information about individuals at all levels.


The PPC continually renews and diversifies its products to anticipate your needs. This means our products and services are very flexible. It also means we can customize assessments to meet your unique needs.

Fast turnaround on scoring

The PPC has a 48 hour scoring service. You get results for machine-scored tests usually within 2 days; those requiring hand- scoring are usually ready within a few days. You get your results quickly so that you can make decisions quickly.

Low cost

PPC assessment instruments and services are competitively priced.

Consultation services

PPC consultation services help you:

  • identify and define the essential competencies of any position or person in your organization;
  • choose the most appropriate assessment instrument;
  • determine when and how to use it;
  • interpret results;
  • implement specific interventions to meet your organizations changing needs;
  • assess persons with disabilities, and
  • defend appeals, where PPC instruments have been used.

Future reference

The PPC maintains a data bank of test results so that human resource officers can confirm previous results. Often, candidates who have taken a test do not need to take it a second time.

Official Languages

All PPC assessment instruments and services are available in English and French.

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