Best Practices

Here are practices that some departments and agencies have used to attract students and to provide them with positive, appropriate, and valuable work experience.


  • Recruit early. Remember, you're competing with private sector employers.
  • Match skills to job requirements.
  • Ensure the assignment reflects what the student was told to expect.
  • Equip your students with the tools and resources that they need to do the job.
  • Inform your staff of the role of students in your organization and how to utilize their skills for best results.


  • Provide students with an orientation session about your organization.
  • Introduce students to their colleagues.
  • Invite students to attend team meetings to promote learning and inclusiveness.
  • Develop a mentor system to provide students with guidance.
  • Maintain open and direct lines of communication, so that students have the security of knowing exactly where and how they contribute to your organization.


  • Develop students' abilities and talents by offering training and progressive assignments.
  • Provide networking opportunities.
  • Develop a structured learning plan. Use the learning plan to define what the student should accomplish during their work term. See examples of model learning plans for high school and post-secondary students.
  • Offer performance feedback and suggestions, and remember to include positive comments.

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