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Unsupervised Internet Tests (UIT) are an option when creating a job advertisement.

1 Select 2 Authorization
To order a UIT, select “UIT” as an assessment option when creating a job poster in the Public Service Resourcing System. Selecting this option will create the link in the job ad that ultimately provides candidates access to the UIT. If you select this option, an automatic notification of a UIT request will be sent to the Personnel Psychology Centre (PPC) at the Public Service Commission for authorization. You will receive an automated message advising you when the use of the UIT has been approved for your process.

Considering UITs for an appointment process:

  • Consult with the hiring manager early on in the planning process to determine whether the use of a UIT is a valued-added option for your staffing goals.
  • Contact a PPC assessment specialist to explore the best way of integrating a UIT into your assessment strategy.
  • Avoid posting your job advertisement before considering your assessment options. UITs cannot be added to a poster after it has been posted on

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