Information for job applicants on Unsupervised Internet Testing

Necessary computer skills

Minimal computer skills are needed to complete an Unsupervised Internet Test (UIT). You simply need to navigate through the text, select buttons on your computer screen (e.g., "Next," "Yes" or "No") and select your answers to the questions.


Job-seekers can complete a UIT only once when applying for a given job opportunity. They must complete the UIT questions, based on their own abilities, without help from others.

Doing your best on a UIT

  • Set aside sufficient time to complete the test within the time limits;
  • Take the test in a quiet, comfortable location;
  • Have scrap paper and a calculator handy (if needed);
  • Manage your time well. In general, it is a good idea to solve easy questions first and difficult questions later. If you are stuck on a difficult question, mark that question for review and return to it once you have completed the other test questions;
  • Answer all questions. If you are not sure of the correct answer, guess. There is no penalty for wrong answers;
  • Read the whole question; and
  • Eliminate answers that you know are wrong. By reducing the number of choices, you increase your chance of selecting correct answers.

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