Three Steps to Successful Job Interviews

I. Basics:

  1. Always have an up-to-date curriculum vitae reflecting your achievements and your qualifications as they relate to the requirements indicated on the statement of merit criteria.
  2. Enquire in advance as to who is on the assessment board.

II. Know yourself:

  1. Be clear on why you want to become an executive – be conscious of the advantages but also of the obligations and responsibilities; identify your personal values – what is negotiable and what is not.
  2. Ask yourself: What do I like doing best? Do I make things happen? Am I a self-starter? Can I motivate others? What are my strengths and weaknesses? How can I best present them?
  3. Get preliminary feedback from your supervisor, peers, employees and any human resources specialists who have been involved in the assessment process that you have tried.
  4. Know your own profile: Is it diversified? Linear? Specialized? Within the same department?
  5. Believe in yourself and be ready to talk confidently about your abilities and achievements.
  6. Think about how to let your personality come through. Managers like to get a sense of who you are.

III. Demonstrate that you meet the Key Leadership Competencies :

Familiarize yourself with the Key Leadership Competencies, their meaning and the behavioural indicators attached to each. Be ready to discuss your experience demonstrating those competencies. Think of possible questions in relation to the organization, the position, its challenges. Be ready to explain strategically how you have dealt or would deal with these challenges.

  1. Be able to demonstrate how, as a public service leader, you ensure integrity in personal and organizational practices and respect people and public service principles  (Values and Ethics)
  2. Explain how you advise and plan based on the analysis of issues and trends and how you link these to the responsibilities, capabilities and potential of your organization. (Strategic Thinking)
  3. Demonstrate how you achieve the engagement of people, organizations and partners in developing goals, executing plans and delivering results. (Engagement)
  4. Provide examples of your ability to deliver results by maximizing organizational effectiveness and sustainability through action, people and financial management. (Management Excellence)

Participating in EX Appointment Processes

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