Contract Award for CCG Radar Systems and Equipment


Speaking Notes for

The Honourable Anita Anand
Minister of Public Services and Procurement

Announcement: Contract Award for CCG Radar Systems and Equipment

Vaughan Chamber of Commerce
Concord, ON

February 11, 2020

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Hello everyone.

Let me start by thanking MP Jowhari for being our MC today and for his acknowledgement of the traditional territory on which we stand. Felix Technology’s other location is actually in MP Jowhari’s riding next door in Richmond Hill and I am so pleased that he is here.

(Acknowledge other MPs)

I would also like to thank the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce for hosting us today, as we announce new investments in a local business here in Concord.

Before we get to that, I’d like to highlight that it is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. On this day, we celebrate the critical role that women and girls play in science and technology, and recommit ourselves to their increasing participation in STEM. That includes the important work being done right here in York Region by Felix Technology.

Days like this remind me of why I am so proud of our government’s work on economic inclusion for women. We know that when women succeed, we all benefit.

Support for Small Business & the Middle-Class

I am also proud to be part of a government that understands the importance of small and medium sized businesses and the middle-class jobs that they support. Our government has lowered the small business tax rate from 11 per cent in 2015 to 9 per cent last year.

Our commitment to the middle-class is clear: five years ago, we gave Canadians the tax break they deserve—putting hundreds of dollars back into the pockets of hard working, middle-class Canadians. Our first action following our re-election was to move forward with more support for the middle-class by lowering taxes again. Combined with the newly-indexed Canada Child Benefit, this represents real financial support for millions of families across the country.

Oceans Protection Plan

Today, I’m very pleased to be here for an announcement that is twofold: we are supporting jobs here in Concord and we are getting the team at the Canadian Coast Guard the equipment they need to continue keeping us safe and protecting our waters.

Canada’s beautiful coastline is the longest in the world, and we rely on our waterways for so much—for getting products to market, for our livelihood and for recreation.

Our Coast Guard ensures that marine traffic moves safely through our waters.

This includes detecting, identifying and tracking vessels, all of which reduce the risk of marine incidents and emergencies that can significantly impact our coastal communities.

That’s why our government launched the 1.5-billion dollar Oceans Protection Plan. With this world-leading plan, we are protecting the health of our oceans, supporting our coastal communities and investing in Canadian businesses just like Felix Technology. This is the largest investment in our coasts and waterways in Canadian history.

We are responsible for acquiring the modern equipment the Coast Guard needs to best perform their critically important work—not only for today, but for generations to come.


I’m pleased to announce today that our government has awarded a contract valued at 40.1 million dollars to Felix Technology for critical radar systems and equipment.

The Canadian Coast Guard operates numerous radar sites 24/7, every day of the year. These new radar systems—36 in total—will help marine traffic safely navigate through Canadian waters.

Of these 36 new systems, 11 will be placed at new sites with funding from the Oceans Protection Plan for 10 of those.

The remaining radars will be used at 25 existing Coast Guard locations right across the country.

This is about increasing safety, reducing the risk of incidents on the water, and protecting our marine environment.

This equipment will be delivered beginning in the spring 2021, and they will all be in place by 2025.

Suited to Canada’s unique needs, they will withstand our extreme weather conditions and will work through various heavy loads of ice, snow and winds at high altitudes.

A sincere congratulations to Felix Technology on their successful bid for this important project.

This is one of two vital purchases our department has recently made in support of the Oceans Protection Plan.

Just a few weeks ago, we awarded a 2-million dollar contract to J&J Trailers in Scarborough. They will provide 24 utility trailers, which will be used to respond to marine incidents.

Between these two contracts, Felix Technology and J&J Trailers will support some 36 jobs right here in the GTA.

As you can see, the benefits of our Oceans Protection Plan are not limited to our shorelines—we are investing in good quality jobs and companies right across the country.


Today we are taking another step to build up the capacity of the Canadian Coast Guard, so that they have the tools they need to keep our waters safe and secure for all Canadians.

We will continue to deliver on our commitment to protect our environment while supporting good middle-class jobs.

Thank you very much. 

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