Public Services and Procurement Canada announces suspension of Dalian


For immediate release

Gatineau, Quebec, March 1, 2024

Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) has a framework in place to prevent, detect and respond to situations of conflict of interest or potential wrongdoings to safeguard the integrity, fairness, openness and transparency of the federal procurement system.

PSPC has taken swift action to suspend the security status of Dalian Enterprises (Dalian) in response to information that recently came to light. Immediate actions include the formal suspension of Dalian Enterprises (Dalian), as well as Dalian and Coradix Technology Consulting (Coradix) in joint venture from continuing work on federal contracts and from participating in new procurement opportunities. These actions also disqualify Dalian, or Dalian and Coradix in a joint venture, from eligibility considerations on supply arrangements. The suspensions are in place until further notice.


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