Government communication services

Centralized access to Government of Canada publications, Canada Gazette, coordination of advertising, public opinion research and copyright media clearance, and events and conference management services for federal departments and agencies

Services and information

Government of Canada publications

Publications produced through or by the Government of Canada, how to ask for copyright clearance, guidance to federal institutions in meeting publishing requirements and applying for International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

Canada Gazette

The Government of Canada’s official newspaper providing access to new statutes, new and proposed regulations, administrative board decisions and public notices

Government of Canada advertising

How advertising helps to communicate with Canadians, annual reports on government advertising activities, media cost guides, advertising suppliers, how government selects media for advertising campaigns, and information for industry

Public opinion research

What public opinion research (POR) is and what it is not, mandatory procedures and standards for POR, pre-qualified suppliers that can provide POR services for the government, POR reports and requirements for submitting final reports

Copyright media clearance

How PSPC provides access to a wide selection of news sources to federal institutions and Parliament committees to monitor public environment, while respecting copyright rules

Events and conference management services

Booking, coordination services, ceremonial and protocol services, audiovisual and multimedia services

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