Government corporate support services

Shared corporate administrative systems, tools and services for travel, information management, human resources, and financial and material management offered to federal organizations


Shared travel services

Online travel portal to manage and plan trips for Government of Canada employees and authorized contractors, and to deliver travel and corporate credit card services for federal institutions.

Project management

Project Navigator

Project Navigator is the project management framework that applies to all projects at PSPC. It replaced the former National Project Management System on October 15, 2021.

Information management

Document Imaging Solutions Centre

Quality and efficient document and data digital conversion services on a cost-recovery basis to support government modernization and process automation, and front-end mailroom services to federal organizations.

Implementing GCdocs (accessible only on the Government of Canada network)

GCdocs can help departments, agencies or Crown corporations store electronic documents in a reliable, secure and backed-up data centre while still permitting employees to access and amend documents.

GCshare (accessible only on the Government of Canada network)

Web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office used by federal departments to create a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from almost any device.

Human resources

My GCHR (accessible only on the Government of Canada network)

My GCHR, the Government of Canada’s standardized Human Resources (HR) management system, is a one-stop solution for all HR administrative transactions, including self-service for employees and managers.

Shared human resources (accessible only on the Government of Canada network)

A “one stop” human resources and compensation services to smaller federal departments and agencies that, given their size, may lack the capacity to build, sustain and improve their human resources function.

Business processes

GCcase (accessible only on the Government of Canada network)

The GCcase program is a common case management system solution for federal departments and agencies, which enables organizations to automate, manage, track and control activities, tasks and workflow processes.

GCinterop (accessible only on the Government of Canada network)

GCinterop provides interoperability solutions to support the secure sharing of data and common application functionality across the government of Canada.

Financial and material management

Common Departmental Financial System (accessible only on the Government of Canada network)

The Common Departmental Financial System (CDFS) is a departmental financial management system solution service offered to small and medium federal departments and agencies.

Government of Canada Integrated Financial and Materiel System (accessible only on the Government of Canada network)

The Integrated Financial and Materiel System (IFMS) is a Government of Canada shared information and management system.

Federal departments and agencies

Additional services and information related to compensation, procurement, buildings and offices, government finances, translation and more are available on GCintranet. PSPC’s GCintranet (accessible only on the Government of Canada network)

Services, standards and results

We are committed to delivering quality services to our clients. Our services, standards and results represent an important part of our strategy to improve services and strengthen client partnerships.

Client service

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