Alaska Highway: Sikanni Chief River Bridge fire repairs

Find out about the repairs to the Sikanni Chief River Bridge on the Alaska Highway.

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Project overview


Pink Mountain, British Columbia

Type of project


Lead department

Public Services and Procurement Canada

Construction firm

Online Constructors Limited


$4,247,109.09 (taxes included)

Project status

In progress: work suspended for the winter and will restart in the spring (weather permitting)

Next steps

Minor work to be done in spring 2024

Project description

The Sikanni Chief River Bridge was in fair condition until a fire in summer 2022. The fire damage was extensive and affected the girders, deck, barriers, joints and substructure.

The following fire-damaged parts now require immediate repair or replacement:

The project is restoring the bridge to pre-fire structural condition and allowing the restored components to reach their remaining service life.

In line with mandatory requirements for federal departments and agencies, 5% of the contract value must be awarded to Indigenous suppliers.

Key milestones

Photo gallery

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View enlarged image of the underside of the Sikanni Chief River Bridge with a Bridgemaster performing inspections, pylons on the top right and damage on the road.
View enlarged image of a Bridgemaster wrapped around the Sikanni Chief River Bridge with workers inspecting damage to the bridge.

Benefits to Canadians

This project is providing local, regional and national economic benefits. It’s creating jobs in the following industries:

Once the project has been completed, the Alaska Highway will continue to operate at full capacity and provide significant economic activity in northeastern British Columbia, Yukon and northern Canada.

Project background

On August 25, 2022, a serious motor vehicle accident involving an oil tanker truck resulted in a major fire at the Sikanni Chief River Bridge. The bridge suffered structural damage from the fire, with 4 out of the 5 spans affected.

Restrictions on loads were implemented immediately, along with inspections and material testing after the area was released by police.

On October 7, 2022, the bridge was reopened to full traffic loads after certification by the engineering consultant.

An inspection and monitoring program is ongoing to ensure the condition of the bridge doesn’t change until the permanent repairs are completed.

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