St. Andrews Lock and Dam: Bridge deck replacement project

Learn about the St. Andrews Lock and Dam and the project to replace the bridge deck.

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Project overview


Lockport, Manitoba
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Type of project


Lead department

Public Services and Procurement Canada

Design and engineering consultant

Contract awarded in August 2019 to Associated Engineering (Sask) Ltd.: $1.19 million

Construction firm

Contract awarded in June 2021 to M.D. Steele Construction Ltd.: $36.95 million

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Project description

The St. Andrews Lock and Dam bridge deck replacement project was complex. Replacing the bridge deck included the following steps:

Project phases

The project was delivered in 2 phases to allow motorists, pedestrians and cyclists to continue using the bridge during construction.

Phase 1

The first phase involved widening the bridge on the north side and replacing the deck under the pathway and the north (westbound) traffic lane.

During this phase:

Phase 2

The second phase involved replacing the deck under the south (eastbound) traffic lane and completing the accessible ramps of the new pathway.

During this phase:

Photo gallery

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View enlarged image from the northwest side showing the frames and Caméré curtains in their winter storage position.
View enlarged image from the southeast side showing the dam installed and temporary scaffolding creating the temporary sidewalk.
View enlarged image of the North traffic lane and pathway under construction (phase 1).
View enlarged image of a pathway and north lane in use, and demolition underway on the south lane (phase 2).
View enlarged image of a view of the accessible ramp on the east side.
View enlarged image of a view of some of the accessibility features added to the pathway stairs.
View enlarged image of a view of the new road surface and pathway (looking west).
View enlarged image of Public Services and Procurement Canada staff and Wayne Manningway, from Peguis First Nation, cut the ribbon to recognize project completion.

Key milestones

Benefits to Canadians

The benefits of this project include:

Project background

The lock and the dam were officially opened in 1910, and a bridge deck and approach spans were added to the dam structure in 1913. The additions allowed motorists and pedestrians to cross the Red River in Lockport. The bridge deck has undergone major reconstruction work twice since that time, first in 1951 and again in 1993.

In 2017, it was determined that the bridge deck on the main span of the bridge was reaching the end of its service life and needed to be replaced. Inspections and studies also recommended that the underlying steel structure be strengthened and that portions of the approach spans be repaired and replaced.

The bridge deck replacement project presented an opportunity to make the bridge safer, more accessible and more comfortable for users. The final design included:

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